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David Park

Former Associate Director of Admission, University of Southern California
MBA, Strategic Management, Imperial College London
BA, Religious Studies, UC Berkeley

InGenius Prep

I was an Associate Director of Admission at the University of Southern California (USC) for over a decade. Most of my time was in the undergraduate admission office, but I also worked for the graduate business school. I have evaluated and made admission recommendations for over 10,000 applications! I’m also an expert in international admission and have a broad perspective on what it takes for overseas students to apply to a top US university.

In addition to working at USC, I was an Admissions Application Evaluator for UC Berkeley’s new Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology (MET) Program in the Haas School of Business and College of Engineering.

Applying to university is one of most important decisions of a young person’s life and passing on my knowledge and experience is a joy, as I know I’m making the process more clear for families. I’m a Southern California native and root for the teams here (Dodgers, Lakers, and Rams), enjoy hiking at Griffith Park and exploring the endless activities here!

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How to Start a Nonprofit in High School

How to Start a Nonprofit in High School High school students with a strong passion for a social cause, philanthropy, or the arts should consider taking their involvement to a higher level by founding a nonprofit organization. This is no easy task – there are a lot of steps when learning how to start aKeep reading

Applying to Law School: 3 Ways to Become a Standout Candidate

Applying to Law School: 3 Ways to Become a Standout Candidate Before applying to law school, many aspiring law students seek out legal internships, work as paralegals, join pre-law clubs or undergraduate law journals, and participate in some kind of speech or debate. These are the clearest connections to “law” for most undergraduates, and soKeep reading

How to Get Into Business School: 3 Forgotten Elements to “Unforget”

How to Get Into Business School: 3 Forgotten Elements to “Unforget” What are the important considerations when thinking about how to get into business school? We all know you should have a strong GPA, significant work experience for a few years after college, and a good GMAT or GRE score. These factors are obvious andKeep reading

How to Prepare for Law School in College: 5 Tips to Ensure Success

How to Prepare for Law School in College: 5 Tips to Ensure Success Very shortly into your first few weeks of law school, you’ll hear about a hundred times that the purpose of law school is first and foremost to train you how to “think like a lawyer.” But how can you get ready toKeep reading

5 Summer Activities That Don’t Impress Colleges

5 Summer Activities That Don’t Impress Colleges Everyone seems to have an opinion about the “right” summer activities for a high school student, especially in the summer before senior year. Let’s clear something up, right off the bat: there is no “right” way to spend your summer, and no clear plan any type of candidateKeep reading

Breaking an Early Decision Agreement: What Happens?

Breaking an Early Decision Agreement: What Happens? Before you submitted your Early Decision (ED) application, the school you applied to required an Early Decision agreement. While Early Decision agreements are not legal agreements that could subject you to civil or criminal liability in a court of law, they are binding, and act as enforcement mechanismsKeep reading

Additional Information on the Common App: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Additional Information on the Common App: 5 Do’s and Don’ts Spewing TMI (too much information!) on your application might seem innocuous, but exceeding limits can actually be quite detrimental to your candidacy. When I was applying to college, I presumptuously believed that admissions officers were exaggerating when they implored visiting students to follow the wordKeep reading

Need Based Financial Aid: The Difference Between Need-Blind and Need-Aware

Need Based Financial Aid: The Difference Between Need-Blind and Need-Aware Need based financial aid lingo can be confusing, especially with respect to the terms “need-blind” and “need-aware.” These descriptors are devoid of any further context about exactly who is “blind” or “aware” to your need. To simplify the equation, there are two standpoints from whichKeep reading

Studying Undergraduate Business: Should I get a B.S. in Business or B.A. in Econ?

Studying Undergraduate Business: Should I get a B.S. in Business or B.A. in Econ? Students all over the world who are eager to study business flock to specialized business programs at the undergraduate level. Because of their popularity, these programs tend to be more selective than the general studies program of school of arts andKeep reading

5 Books You Should Read if You Want to Be a History Major

What to Read: 5 Books for History Majors History is a different animal in college than it is in most high schools. Even in a lot of advanced History courses in high school, the major focus will be on historical events, people, and dates rather than identifiable trends and different points-of-view about the trajectory of theKeep reading

Majors for Law School: What Should I Study if I Want to Go into Law?

Majors for Law School: What Should I Study if I Want to Go into Law?  One of the more common questions I receive from students is: “What are the best undergraduate majors for law school?” Do you need to be “Pre-Law” to get into top law schools?  I have two answers to this question. TheKeep reading

Deferred From College: 7 Key Steps to Getting Accepted

Deferred From College: What Happens Next? So, you’ve applied early and have just been deferred from college? Don’t despair; the sky is not falling. Rather, there are steps you can take towards improving your chances. So, in the meantime, follow this template to Regular Decision redemption! 1. Focus on the good news first. Upon readingKeep reading

Should You Still Apply Early with a Poor, Last Minute SAT Score?

Should you still apply early with a poor, last minute SAT score? Every year, students are rushing to submit Early Decision and Early Actions applications in an attempt to gain a strategic advantage. Often times, these students submit early applications without regard for whether or not they proffered the best possible representation of themselves inKeep reading

Debating Your Way into College: 5 Tips to Take Away from the Presidential Debates

Debating Your Way into College: 5 Tips to Take Away from the Presidential Debates What do the presidential debates and college admissions have in common? The need to be convincing. Election season matches up almost perfectly with college application season, and while the two things are seemingly unrelated, you can learn a lot about applyingKeep reading

US News Rankings Methodology: What’s Really Behind the Numbers

The US News Rankings Methodology: What’s Really Behind the Numbers People crave rankings. But what do these rankings mean? How are they actually formulated? The 2017 US News and World Report college rankings came out recently, and while people love consuming them, they many times fail to ask what exactly is behind this US News rankingsKeep reading

4 Student Clubs that Can Improve Your College Application

Demonstrated leadership skills and extracurricular participation can get you ahead in college admissions. Hundreds of thousands of students have outstanding grades and high test scores, and you may not be able to compete with that. Even if you are competitive with your test scores and grades, you want to make sure you can stand outKeep reading

10 Ways to Show Your Interest to a Particular School

For many US colleges and universities, a student’s demonstrated interest in the school has a significant weight to the school’s admissions committee members. They want to see how serious an applicant is about the school and what kind of fit that person would be in the incoming class; at the same time, they want toKeep reading

The Debate About Getting Rid of the 3rd Year of Law School

In the United States, lawyers are required to earn a college degree and spend another three years of graduate study in law school to earn their Juris Doctor or J.D. degree. The three-year J.D. program provides students with an outstanding and extensive education to prepare them for their legal career. However, many students and educatorsKeep reading

Understanding Rolling Admission in U.S. Colleges

“Rolling admission” is the name given to a very common type of admissions policy implemented by many colleges and graduate schools in the United States. This method provides applicants with a large window of time to process and complete their application to a specific school or program. The application process for schools using this typeKeep reading

Why You Should Apply for These Law School Scholarships

Getting into law school is an exciting time as you are embarking upon your long journey to becoming an attorney. However, law school can be quite expensive. Given the high cost of tuition, current and incoming law students should take thoughtful measures to manage or lower the cost of their education. Don’t make the mistakeKeep reading

3 Ways to Get Into Ivy League Schools in Just a Few Hours a Week

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of students dream of attending an Ivy League school. The name itself is connotes worldly prestige and excellence in the field of education. In fact, all eight schools are ranked in the Top 20 of U.S. News and World Report’s 2014 National University Rankings. Parents and students around theKeep reading

Can You Get into a Good College with a Low GPA?

Getting a low GPA will definitely dishearten you and may lead you to believe that you may not be able to get into your dream college or into one of the top universities in the country. If you think that a low GPA can be a deal breaker, it probably can; but, the good newsKeep reading

The Demise of the SAT II

A couple of months ago, the Admissions and Financial Aid Office of Harvard University announced that applicants will no longer need to submit SAT II subject test scores as part of their application. According to the school officials, they are making this change to encourage low-income students to apply to the prestigious school. SAT IIKeep reading

Checking Your Progress on the Road to Law School

As you know, getting into a top law school involves much more than excellent grades and LSAT scores. But, because everyone’s road to law school takes a different shape and is not preset like a pre-med curriculum might be, checking your progress and development along the way involves some serious self-reflection. Thus, you should tryKeep reading

Earning a Spot at a Top Law School: Punching Above Your College’s Weight Class

One of the most common questions that law school applicants ask our admissions experts is some variation of the following: “are top law schools going to accord my undergraduate record less respect because it’s not a highly-ranked school?” Most bluntly, the answer is generally yes. For the top law schools, there are typically 20-25 “feeder”Keep reading

From Staring to Starting: Overcoming Writer’s Block for Your College Essays

The personal statement and various supplemental college essays are some of the most difficult pieces of writing you will likely ever be confronted with in your life. With the stakes so high, the need for profundity under such word count and time limit constraints can be suffocating. However, you will find that once you getKeep reading

Getting You In. . . to Your Own Law School!

Normally, we’re writing about how to get you into a great law school. Today, we’re going to offer a slightly different perspective that most people have not heard about or truly given much consideration to: becoming a lawyer without actually attending law school (or at least not in the traditional sense). Granted, this is onlyKeep reading

The Madness Begins: Law School Applications Have Been Released

At the turn of the new month a few days ago, the vast majority of law schools began to release their law school applications in downloadable form on their websites and through LSAC. Students who have been diligently compiling all of the critical components of their applications are beating down the doors of the lawKeep reading

Planning Your Law School Application Strategy

Hopefully, this isn’t the first time you’ve sat down to think about your timeline for applying to law school and all the work that will go into it. At this point of the year, many people have just finished taking the June LSAT. For those of you that did, that’s great! Even if you didKeep reading

Another InGenius Prep Success Story – L.T. Admitted to Columbia Med!

Hear L.T. tell you about how her InGenius counselor—a former admissions officer at Harvard Medical School-–helped her get into her dream school by acing her interviews and perfecting her application materials.

College Recruiting: Not Just For Athletics

Most high school students, and their parents, are quite familiar with the fact that great (and sometimes, mediocre) athletes can get recruited to colleges by virtue of their athletic abilities, accomplishments, and potential. What most people aren’t familiar with, though, is what the process of “getting recruited” actually entails. What’s even more of a mysteryKeep reading

Hear E.K. Tell You How InGenius Helped Transform His Essay

Hear E.K. story about how his InGenius Prep counselor helped him totally revamp his essay over the span of just two days with the Gold Essay Editing Package. E.K. was ultimately admitted to his dream program – a selective program available to juniors at his college. Congratulations!

Handling Disciplinary Addendums in Your Applications

Handling disciplinary addendums for law school applications can be an anxiety-ridden process for many, even if the event that precipitated the “disciplinary” action you are disclosing is not particularly embarrassing. You might be thinking, “why would a law school admissions committee choose me over someone with similar GPA/LSAT from an equally-respected school when I haveKeep reading

Another InGenius Prep Student Admitted to Harvard Law School!

S.R. wasn’t a “traditionally” strong candidate for law school, but is a thoroughly impressive student and person. Working with his InGenius counseling team, he was able to make sure that his application persona reflected his true abilities, talents, and interests. Today, he’s holding  acceptance letters from the best law schools in the country. He wasKeep reading

Another InGenius Prep Success Story: Congratulations, Aliza!

Aliza worked with Yorda on a very tight timeline to get her applications ready to go by the early application deadline at the University of Pennsylvania. Hear her admissions success story directly from her!

Another InGenius Prep Success Story: Naomi G.

Hear about how the InGenius edge gave Naomi the push she needed to get into her top choice college early decision directly from her mouth! Under a tight deadline with only two weeks to go before the early application deadline, Kristen worked tirelessly with Naomi to make sure completely revamp her application strategy, build a newKeep reading

Compiling Your Human Highlight Reel: Strategic Application Writing

Applications aren’t just pieces of paper. They aren’t forms to be filled out either. They are a snapshot in time of you with several moving parts. Think of your application as a highlight reel on SportsCenter. Which segment do you want to be in — the “Top 10” or the “Not Top 10“? Those highlightKeep reading

Announcing Our Collaboration with the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance

The non-profit division of InGenius prep is proud and excited to announce our collaboration with the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance to provide college admissions advice and guidance to participants in urban debate leagues in the greater Dallas area. As a former debater myself, I am a firm believer in the transformative potential of debate. It wasKeep reading

The Under-Utilized Law School Application Resume

While your personal statement is generally touted as your best or only chance to shine in law school applications, other components are just as important in crafting a compelling narrative about the kind of candidate you are. A meticulously written and edited law school application resume can not only help you stand out from theKeep reading

Making a Statement with Your College Personal Statement: 3 Key Tips

Yes, the personal statement is the most important part of your college application. No, you do not need to be so stressed about it. You dictate almost everything about the personal statement: the topic, the style, and most importantly, the way you want the admissions officers to react to your writing. Remember, you are inKeep reading