lucky patcher ios Heather Dianno - Former Admissions Officer

Heather Dianno

Former Regional Admissions Director, University of Pennsylvania
Former Regional Coordinator for Student Interviews, UPenn
Former Senior Interviewer, University of Pennsylvania
BA, University of Pennsylvania

InGenius Prep

I began interviewing for my alma mater over fifteen years ago. I loved the opportunity to talk about my school and hear about the amazing things students were accomplishing. I was happy to step up and coordinate interviews for my region. After working so closely with the admissions staff, I was given the opportunity to work as an auxiliary applications reader and a Regional Admissions Officer. I love the energy of the admissions process.

One of the keys to the college application process is the ability to manage a lot of moving parts. My strong multi-tasking experience will benefit you in your search process.

I am also the proud mom of two kids – my oldest will be a junior in high school this year. I am learning to appreciate the process from the other side of the application. I look forward to bringing all my experiences to bear to help you find the best opportunities for college.

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