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James Farris

Former Admissions Officer, Columbia University
MBA, NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business
BA, Public Policy, Brown University

InGenius Prep

I am a former Admissions Officer at Columbia University where, over eight years, I evaluated thousands of applicants, including those applying to visual arts and music programs as well as the School of Engineering. I have also worked as a Graduate Ambassador in NYU Stern’s MBA Admissions Office while pursuing my own MBA full-time.

While I dabbled in the private sector through my MBA and one year of management consulting, I have spent most of my career as an educator. After Columbia, I worked at a youth organization for four years where I helped dozens of low-income high school students from NYC succeed at top independent schools, including Andover and Exeter. Many of these students went on to attend top universities. I also have experience facilitating leadership workshops, leading community service programs, and teaching about civics and government.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling with my wife, trying new restaurants and recipes, and leading an active lifestyle. I ran the NYC Marathon twice and enjoy playing pickup basketball games at local parks.

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