The Percentage of International Students at Top 10 Business Schools

Which top business schools admit the highest percentage of international students?


When deciding where to apply to business school, you need to be aware that the acceptance rate for top 50 programs ranges from about 7% (Stanford) to about 53% (Brigham Young). The process is competitive, to say the least!

For international students, the process is even more competitive. Often times, an admissions office will divide applications by region and assign specific readers to a specific region. This means that (1) you are competing against your peers and (2) you need to do thorough research on school fit before finalizing your school list.

To help, we create a detailed infographic to show you the exact percentage of international students and the number of countries represented at the top 10 business schools in the US.

Download this infographic today to find out which programs have the highest percentage of international students!