Introducing InGenius Prep’s College Admissions Podcast!

InGenius Prep

Introducing InGenius Prep’s College Admissions Podcast!

Inside the Admissions Office: Conversations with Former Admissions Officers


At InGenius Prep, we are very excited to announce the release of our new college admissions podcast, titled "Inside the Admissions Office: Advice From Former Admissions Officers."

Every year, applicants aim high and hope to beat the admissions odds. And every year, it gets harder to do so. At InGenius Prep, the question we are asked the most is, “What does it really take to get admitted?” Through our college admissions podcast, we’ll work to answer this question from all angles. 

Here at InGenius Prep, we have 150+ Former Admissions Officers who bring the hands-on experience of making decisions about who got in, who didn’t, and why. Collectively, our counselors have 500+ years of admissions experience and have read 500,000+ applications from top colleges. Our Graduate Coaches have successfully applied to the most competitive schools in the nation. Our team knows what admissions offices look for while reading applications, what a strong (and weak) application looks like, and the most strategic ways students should spend their time in the years ahead. We’re ready to share all of our personal experiences and insights with you through our college admissions podcast. 

Every other Monday, we’ll interview our Former Admissions Officers, graduates from top colleges, and admissions experts. Right now, you can listen to our first two episodes featuring Joel Butterly, Co-Founder and CEO of InGenius Prep, and Heather McCutchen, a Former Admissions Reader at Dartmouth College

You can listen to the Podcast here:

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