Colleges With Late Deadlines

Padya Paramita

Colleges With Late Deadlines

In the next couple of months, you’re going to keep submitting your applications to your top choice schools. However, if you’re still anxious that you might not have applied to enough schools, or you’re worried, don’t have enough safety options, you’re at the right place. If you think it’s too late to apply to other colleges, fear not! We’ve brought you a list of colleges with late deadlines.

List of Colleges With Late Deadlines

By “colleges with late deadlines” we are considering any colleges which don’t end their application until March or the months after. Some schools even accept applications until June. We have brought you 20 well-ranked and reputable colleges with late deadlines below. 

School Deadline
Central College March 1
Earlham College March 1
Hanover College March 1
Illinois State University March 1
New Jersey Institute of Technology March 1
Randolph College March 1
Texas Womens University March 1
University of North Carolina at Greensboro March 1
Berea College March 31
Florida Atlantic University April 1
University of Nebraska - Lincoln April 1
University of Oklahoma April 1
Johns Hopkins University's Peabody College of Music April 15
Central Connecticut State University May 1
Clemson University May 1
University of Iowa May 1
Wells College May 1
Auburn University June 1
University of Nevada - Las Vegas June 1
Oregon State University June 22

Most of the colleges with late deadlines can be considered safeties. However, some of the schools above are specialized schools at top universities such as Johns Hopkins’s Peabody School of Music which allows music students a longer amount of time to complete their profile. Others, such as University of Iowa, could be ranked lower but are actually excellent in programs such as creative writing.

Importance of Safety Schools

If you’re debating on whether to apply to any of the colleges with late deadlines, it’s definitely advisable if you’re short of safeties.  Safety schools have higher and thus more attainable acceptance rates than reach or target schools. If you’ve applied only to top schools or Ivy Leagues, you must add safeties to your list. On the other hand, make sure you do thorough research and know that you would actually be happy attending this school! Far too often, students pick safety schools that they don’t actually picture themselves attending. Don’t just think of your safety school as the worst-case scenario, but rather consider it an attractive option with a higher likelihood of acceptance.

Go through the list of colleges with late deadlines and colleges with rolling admissions to figure out where you want to apply if you’re still adding schools to your list. Good luck!

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