Google Launches Partnership with InGenius Prep


We are excited to announce our new partnership with Google! InGenius Prep is partnering with Google, known for providing tremendous benefits to its highly educated and elite employees, to help their employees pursue advanced degrees. This lifestyle partner program, set to launch June 1st, will give Google employees and their families a special discount on our services.

As many of the teams at Google are composed of young professionals who want two to three years of work experience before pursuing a graduate degree, more and more Googlers, every year, are leaving their “twirly hats” to return to school. They are, in turn, creating a vast applicant base who will directly benefit from InGenius Prep’s services. So taken with our “analytical and numbers driven approach,” Google account strategist Jeremy Strickland, stated, “InGenius Prep [is] not the typical admissions consulting firm. They determine the probability of admissions and use qualitative reasoning to match applicants and schools.” He continued to state, “A symbiotic relationship between Google and InGenius Prep will help Googlers achieve top placement at the best schools and afford those who choose to leave the ability to pursue our very own ‘moon shots’ on our own terms.”

The program will pair Google employees, and any of their family members looking to pursue undergraduate or graduate school, with InGenius Prep’s former admissions officers and current graduate students from the top universities in the world in order to craft the perfect application. Noah Greenfield, InGenius Prep’s co-founder and President was quoted as saying, “Even an information giant like Google understands that when it comes to university admissions, the best information is hard to come by. By partnering together, we can provide Google employees with the best information, strategy and insight necessary to reach their professional dreams.” While having Google, Inc. on a resume is advantageous for applicants of top business schools around the country, InGenius Prep will provide the final push and added edge to increase acceptance rates.


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