5 Last Minute AMCAS Application Tips


5 Last Minute AMCAS Application Tips Before You Submit

The AMCAS application is almost open! All of those years of volunteer work and medical research and MCAT prep are culminating in this one application. So you better make it count by following these last minute AMCAS tips!

The medical school application process is, as you’re well aware, long and strenuous. You do not want all of that hard work on your AMCAS application to go to waste. While you might just want to submit the AMCAS once and for all so you can start focusing on secondaries, make sure to check these 5 last-minute tips before you hit submit! Submitting as early as possible is key. AMCAS will start verifying coursework in order of when applications were submitted. They will transmit this information to individual schools later in June, along with letters of recommendation and MCAT scores.  

While you do not want to delay this process, submitting early at the cost of an imperfect application is not worth the extra day or two you might need to proofread everything. A sloppy application makes it look like you did not care about the process. So, before you submit, make sure to look through these 5 last minute AMCAS tips before you hit submit!

1. Check Your Transcripts

Problems with transcripts are the number one cause of delays and missed deadlines for AMCAS applications. Especially if you’re final semester grades are just coming out, and you want to include them in your application, you must follow up with your undergraduate institution. Make sure that your official transcripts have been sent. This is a small, logistical reminder, but extremely important. For more information on these issues, look through the AMCAS site.

2. Make Sure Your Information is Entered Correctly

Omitting coursework, grades, credits, or supplying incorrect grades on your AMCAS application may affect your AMCAS GPA. When you fill out this section, make sure that you have an official copy of your transcript in hand - use the exact same document that the schools will receive. When you input your information, make sure to check it against the official doc. And then check it again. And then check it another time before you send it. Inputting incorrect information is completely avoidable.   

3. Check In With Your Recommenders

Following up with your recommenders can feel annoying, but it is totally worth it for the peace of mind you get when confirming letters have been sent. Recommenders are people too: they procrastinate. Sending follow-up emails, or even giving them a call, should be seen as a courtesy. Nobody is happy with missed deadlines. Even if you don’t have the best relationship with your letter-writers, you should still follow up with every one of them. Always make sure you’re polite and appreciative!

4. Look for Repetition in Your Work and Activities Descriptions  

I once read an AMCAS application, where every single activities description started with “It was an honor to…”

Don’t do this. Your time with each work experience or activity was different. So your descriptions should be different too. Vary your sentence structure and word choice. Make sure that you aren’t including “filler” activities, and group related activities together if they don’t need their own individual description. Also, pay close attention to your three “most meaningful” experiences, and make sure that you use all the space allotted to show the impact they have had on your journey to becoming a doctor.

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5. Proofread Your Personal Statement

This seems like an obvious last-minute AMCAS tip. But people still don’t do it! Proofread! And then proofread again! And then have your mom proofread your essay. And your advisor. And your best friend. And your little sister. You get the picture.

Careless mistakes do happen, but they never look good. Becoming a doctor takes a lot of attention to detail. A messy personal statement is not sending the right message. And if you’re still worried that your personal statement isn’t where it should be, look through this medical school personal statement article. Make sure your essay shows 1) Who you are, 2) Why you’re passionate about medicine, and 3) Why you’re qualified to become a doctor.  

Once you’ve looked through all of these last minute AMCAS tips and done a final check, then you can submit! Congrats - you did it!

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