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Featured Download: A Roadmap To Your Dream College

August 11, 2014

Be sure to grab a copy of our complimentary ebook, “A Roadmap to Your Dream College” for expert advice on how to prepare for your college applications.

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The Madness Begins: Law School Applications Have Been Released

August 7, 2014

At the turn of the new month a few days ago, the vast majority of law schools began to release their law school applications in downloadable form on their websites and through LSAC. Students who have been diligently compiling all of the critical components of their applications are beating down the doors of the law school admissions offices already and getting their almost-complete applications ready for a dress rehearsal-style ultimate review before everything is (electronically) signed, sealed, and delivered.

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5 Paid Ways to Get Clinical Experience

August 2, 2014

Medical school admissions committees like to see that applicants have spent time becoming familiar with the practical and real side of medicine. Clinical shadowing experiences have become a popular way to assess a desire to practice medicine. However, students may have difficulty finding opportunities to shadow physicians for a variety of reasons including the increasing privacy regulations around protected health information and/or lack of access to physicians to shadow. Luckily there are alternative ways to gain experience around patients and healthcare settings.

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Your Medical School Essays: Show, Don't Tell

July 29, 2014

“Show, don’t tell” is frequently delivered advice for medical school personal statements and secondary essays. What exactly does that mean? This is a common problem in personal statements, and I’ve been struggling with how to better convey this idea to applicants. So, I will take that advice and “show” you, rather than “tell” you the difference.

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What is it Like to Work in a Medical School Admissions Office?

July 25, 2014

For many of the top-ranked medical schools, the student committee members do what you imagine they do: they are assigned (along with members of their sub-committee) a number of applications, they discuss those applications with the members of the sub-committee, and then selected applications are brought to a central or “standing” committee, where final decisions are to be made. Often times, these students will also interview applicants whose applications they read.

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Thomas Kang Joins InGenius Prep as Co-Director of InGenius Korea

July 21, 2014

Thomas Kang, an expert in the private education sector in Korea, is the newest addition to our InGenius Prep team. Kang, a graduate of the University of Chicago, Stanford, and Harvard, thoroughly enjoys working with hard working and ambitious students seeking to attend college and graduate degree programs. With hopes of helping more students fulfill their academic hopes and potential, he has committed to become the new Co-Director of InGenius Korea.

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Preparing for Premed Critics

July 19, 2014

ften applying to medical school brings out the critic in one’s friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. Mention that you are premed and be prepared to hear how difficult it is to get through the premed classes, write the essays, undergo the scrutiny of the interview and of course, ultimately, get accepted. I’m not sure why this happens so frequently, but it can take one by surprise,

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Choosing the Best MBA For You

July 19, 2014

You have weighed all the pros and cons, made lists, and have decided to attend an MBA program. Now that you have made the decision to attend, you have another equally important decision – selecting the program that is right for you. This is important for many reasons – not only that this is where you will invest significant resources – financial and personal – into this school and degree. The choice you make will be connected to you for the rest of your career. Below are some factors to consider as you seek out the best fit MBA programs for your professional and personal goals.

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The MBA and the Military - Where Are All The Business School Applicants?

July 15, 2014

Were you at all surprised by the President’s recent choice to overhaul the VA System? Military officers know a lot about the needs of servicemembers and how the government operates and have been well trained in leadership and the value of team. However, when it comes to running a multi-billion dollar enterprise, they just can’t speak the language.

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MBA Rankings: Friend or Foe

July 14, 2014

More than likely when you started the process of looking into MBA programs, the vast array of business school rankings were a great source of information for many of you. And truth be told the rankings offer a good place to start your search and can help you potentially narrow down the schools to which you may apply. MBA rankings will come in every shape, size and color that you can imagine and the variety of information given within each ranking can be very helpful in one part of the application process.

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