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The Road to Your MBA

June 24, 2014

It’s June and summer has arrived. Among the many things you may be thinking about this summer is whether you should apply to business school. Here are nine questions you should consider to decide if this year is the right time:

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It's Time To Submit Your AMCAS Application

June 15, 2014

Completing the AMCAS application is your first step to gain admission to medical school. The impact of a timely, correct, and well done AMCAS application cannot be underestimated. Our Ingenius Prep team can help you get it done well AND on time.

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Planning Your Law School Application Strategy

June 8, 2014

Hopefully, this isn’t the first time you’ve sat down to think about your timeline for applying to law school and all the work that will go into it. At this point of the year, many people have just finished taking the June LSAT. For those of you that did, that’s great! Even if you did not, or if you didn’t do as well as you think you could have, there is no need to panic; there’s always October! Nonetheless

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Score Choice and How To Use It To Your Advantage

June 6, 2014

For all of you getting ready to apply to college, it is important that you know about the valuable college admissions tool – Score Choice. This College Board feature gives you the option to choose which scores you send to which colleges at no additional cost. Score Choice allows you to choose the SAT scores by test date and SAT Subject Test scores by individual test you submit to colleges, allowing you to send scores in accordance with each college’s individual use of score policy.

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Google Launches Partnership with InGenius Prep

June 4, 2014

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Google! InGenius Prep is partnering with Google, known for providing tremendous benefits to its highly educated and elite employees, to help their employees pursue advanced degrees. This lifestyle partner program, set to launch June 1st, will give Google employees and their families a special discount on our services.

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Your Medical School Personal Statement: Tips for Tackling Writer's Block

May 30, 2014

We all know the moment: you are staring at the computer, not knowing where to start or where to go next—then suddenly you’ve got to go to the bathroom…again, or you just now realized that you’re actually hungry for a snack, or you could have possibly even left the oven on (even though you haven’t cooked for at least a week), but you better get up right now to check.

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A Change in Harvard’s Admission Process

May 29, 2014

Harvard’s newspaper, The Crimson, just announced that the SAT II is no longer required for admission to the prestigious university. Last week, Harvard’s Admissions and Financial Aid Office stated that they are making the change as part of a continuing effort to draw more low-income applicants. While taking these tests (and getting a perfect or nearly perfect score, I might add) is normally required, the change will allow students to save some money and apply without them.

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MBA Hiring Quickly On The Rise

May 26, 2014

According to the Corporate Recruiters Survey, Graduate Management Admissions Council’s annual survey of employers that recruit on business school campuses, the job market for 2014 MBA’s is greatly improving. In comparison to 2013 hiring results, the job outlook for the class of 2014 business school graduates is on the rise, as more and more companies worldwide are projected to hire recent MBAs. In fact, a shocking 80% of companies plan to hire MBA’s this year, as opposed to last year’s 73% and 2010’s 60%.

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Done with College. Now What?

May 20, 2014

by Yosepha |May 20 For all of you who are just graduating or getting ready to graduate, congratulations. It’s well-deserved! You’ve made it through all-nighters, 50 page essays, and some of the best times of your life. This is a time of conflicting emotions – sad to say goodbye, curious about the next chapter, and anxious about what the future holds. You might be thinking, “now what?”

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10 Tips to Reduce Test Anxiety

May 16, 2014

Taking the MCAT in the upcoming weeks? Think about this – Confidence, along with preparation, plays a big role in test-taking. Your mental state and psychology play an important role in your decision-making ability, focus capacity, and the consequent results. In preparation for your upcoming test, here are 10 tips on how to reduce anxiety and create a more confident you:

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