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Our 2020 Early Admissions Results

December 17, 2019

Now that mid-December has arrived, it’s an exciting time of the year for college applicants nationwide. Now that candidates have heard back from their top choice schools, we wanted to congratulate all of our wonderful students who have received good news with the 2020 early admissions results. These individuals have worked tirelessly throughout their time in high school

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50 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing Your Medical School Essays

December 17, 2019

To stand out among the tough medical school application pool, strong grades and stellar MCAT scores aren’t enough. You need to use your personal statement to tell a compelling story and convince admissions officers why you’re a unique, must-have candidate. So, your medical

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Best Study Apps for High School Students

December 13, 2019

Whether you’ve just started your freshman year or are getting ready to gather your application components for college, you might find that you frequently take breaks from to check your phone for a second. While it’s true that your social media feeds probably seem way more interesting than studying for your Spanish quiz, would you find your test quiz prep more fun if you used your phone for studying? If you’re the type of person who might focus better with the

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Self-Care Tips for High School Students

December 12, 2019

We all know that high school can be a rough time. It’s always important to make sure that you take time for yourself so that you don’t stress out too much during finals or the college application process. Of course, it helps to start acting on self-care tips for high school students from the very beginning so that you

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Gap Year Jobs Before Law School: What to Do Before You Apply

December 11, 2019

As your senior year of college rolls in, you might have second thoughts on whether law school is the right next step for you. Or, if you’re tired and would just like a break, preventing burnout is one of the main advantages that comes with taking a gap year before law school. But when you take a gap year, you don’t just want to spend it hanging out with friends. Plus, with graduating comes expenses such as rent, groceries, bills, and the need to save up for a hefty tuition bill.

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STEM Summer Camps: A Look at the Top Programs

December 10, 2019

If you’re a prospective STEM major, you might be looking at summer opportunities that can help you stand out besides participating in the top high school science competitions. STEM summer camps, usually hosted by prestigious universities, offer productive ways to spend your time off from school, as they often provide you with valuable opportunities to engage in the sciences with greater focus and use your knowledge of STEM towards real-world applications.

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Colleges That Use ZeeMee: A Guide to the App

December 9, 2019

While Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are big parts of our everyday lives, a lot of high school students maximize privacy settings on their social media accounts throughout the admissions process. But if you’re applying to one of the colleges that use ZeeMee, you can actually curate your account on this app to enhance your applications. Many schools such as WashU St. Louis, Carnegie Mellon,

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What to Do During a Gap Year Before Medical School

December 9, 2019

If you’re a college junior trying to decide whether you should take the plunge and apply to medical school right after college, you should take time and reflect on your experiences so far. With medical school acceptance rates becoming more competitive than ever, the landscape has become increasingly cutthroat. As a result, most students decide to take a gap year between their time in undergrad and

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Should You Apply to an Early Decision II School?

December 4, 2019

You might be anxiously awaiting your ED I decision, or you might not have applied in the first ED round at all. No matter what your circumstance, you may be wondering whether you should consider an early decision II (ED II) school. But how do you know if you’re ready to commit to an institution, especially

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Dos and Don'ts to Keep in Mind for Your MBA Resumé

December 3, 2019

I’m sure you already know that work experience is a key component at almost every top business school. So, it should come as no surprise that your MBA resumé is important, as it conveys the work you’ve done so far to the admissions committee members so that they can determine your fit as a candidate

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