11 Reasons to Practice Public Speaking in High School


11 Reasons to Practice Public Speaking in High School

Fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias in the world. Estimates indicate that 75% of people have speech anxiety. There are many reasons to avoid being part of this statistic! When it’s time to apply for college, comfort with public speaking comes in handy.

1. Stop the anxiety before it starts!

Studies suggest that this fear starts at about age 13. If you start working on your public speaking prowess early, you will be able to avoid this problem all together. When it’s time for college interviews, you will be calm and ready to express yourself!

2. Make a great first impression!

Meeting a new person can generate much of the same social anxiety as speaking to large groups. If you are accustomed to introducing yourself and being the center of attention, you will likely be more charming. Meeting your roommates and making new friends your freshmen year will also give you less stress.

3. Try debate, drama, or forensics!

If you thrive when speaking publicly, one of these activities may be in your future.  Find out now if this is something you enjoy. These are all activities that show colleges that you can present yourself well.

4. Boost your self-esteem!

Public speaking requires thoughtful preparation and organization. When you conquer public speaking, you will find that you have grown a stronger sense of self assuredness. This will help you in all sorts of ways, making you more likely to assume leadership positions and take initiative. Colleges love to admit students who are leaders, and public speaking can help you become one!

5. Gain poise! 

The composure and unshakeable dignity of an accomplished speaker are impressive. Poise may seem like an old fashioned word, but this personal quality is worth cultivating. With practice, you will exude maturity and the teachers who write your recommendations will notice.

6. Work on your delivery and comic timing! 

Every public speaker has tried a joke or two that falls flat. With practice, you will learn how to pace your anecdotes and gauge your audience. Knowing how to share your personality without losing decorum is key to creating a college application that connects with admissions officers. You can even try writing a funny personal statement!

7. Be prepared!

You never know when you will need to speak up in public throughout your life. Be ready to go at graduations, wedding receptions, and funerals when speeches need to be made. You’ll be able to answer coherently when an interviewer asks an unexpected question. You’ll be psyched, not psycho, when you are Valedictorian and asked to give a speech. You’ll be excited, not scared, when your professor cold calls you in class. You'll be prepared!

8. Inspire others!

Public speaking presents a great opportunity to share your insights and personality. By connecting with your audience, you can spread your enthusiasm and passion! You know where showing your enthusiasm and passion is extremely important? College application essays. Being able to make a connection with your listener, or in this case your reader, is key in order to stand out.

9. Get all the participation points!

Starting now, and definitely throughout college, your ability to contribute meaningfully to class discussions will have a significant impact on your GPA. People who participate in class make an impression on their teachers. This plays a big role with your all-important reference letters and your relationships with influential professors.

10. Learn more!

When you are comfortable speaking in public, you will be more likely to ask questions and enhance the exchange of ideas with your friends and classmates. This benefit is evident when you attend college informational sessions. Public speaking will make you ready to be the one asking smart questions and getting more out of your campus visits!

11. Get into your dream college!

Practiced presentation skills and communication aplomb can help with every part the college application process! Organizing your thoughts and thinking on your feet are great tools whether you are in an interview, writing an essay, or asking for a recommendation!


The bottom line is that the benefits of public speaking prowess far outweigh any anxiety you might have! It’s a practical skill that will strengthen as you use it. Just stand up and start speaking out, you’ll be glad you did!

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