Should You Apply to Grad School: 25 Questions to Ask Yourself

Padya Paramita

Should You Apply to Grad School: 25 Questions to Ask Yourself

Should you apply to grad school? The decision to apply to graduate school isn’t a light one. You might be in the middle of a job and career where you’re really thriving. Or, you’re confused and aren’t sure what to do. In either case, you need some serious self-reflection before you decide to take such a big step. So, alongside “should you apply to grad school?” you need to ask yourself other questions regarding your current status in your career, educational preparation, and future goals.

You can’t just apply to grad school overnight or on a whim. It requires prep in terms of taking the GRE, deciding what type of program, and indeed whether you are doing this because you aren’t sure what else to do. Do help you answer the query of should you apply to grad school, we’ve posed some further questions that can help you make the decision.

Should You Apply to Grad School: Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Is there a particular field or topic that you are keen on exploring in greater depth?
  • Would attending grad school help you advance in terms of your career prospects?
  • How much work experience do you need before applying to graduate school? Do you have it?
  • Would you rather get a masters or a PhD?
  • Are you interested in law, medical, or business school? Or are you looking at a different field?
  • Have you looked into programs that would best fit your interests and goals?
  • Are you at a place in your life where you can focus most of your attention on school?
  • Are you prepared to move across the country or even to another country if needed? 
  • What kind of financial aid would you need?
  • Do you have enough money saved up or a realistic plan to finance graduate school?
  • Will your job finance your graduate degree?
  • Would you need to leave your job? Is that possible at this moment?
  • Do the graduate programs you’re interested in allow you to work part-time?
  • Are you truly interested or are you making a spontaneous decision?
  • Have you spoken to your undergraduate advisor or professors about your decision? What do they think?
  • Are you mentally prepared to go back to school?
  • Do you want to change your career?  
  • Would grad school help you shift your career?
  • Do you need a graduate degree to progress in your field or your current company?
  • Does your family situation permit you to go back to school?
  • Are you prepared to articulate your goals through a statement of purpose?
  • Do you need the GRE or GMAT for this program?
  • Have you taken the GRE?
  • Will you be able to juggle applications alongside your job?
  • How many years are you willing to put into school?

If after going through these, your answer to should you apply to grad school, is yes, there you have it! It’s time to take the plunge. Make sure you create a timeline that will allow you to prepare with plenty of time in hand. Congrats on making the decision and good luck with the process!

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