It's Time To Submit Your AMCAS Application


Submitting your AMCAS application is your first step to gain admission to medical school.  The impact of a timely, correct, and well done AMCAS application cannot be underestimated.  Our Ingenius Prep team can help you get it done well AND on time.

How to submit your AMCAS:

Submission >  Verification > Processed > Sent to medical schools

Once you have entered your demographic information, coursework, experiences and personal statement and forwarded all your official transcripts to AMCAS you are ready to submit.  You do not need your MCAT scores or letters of recommendation to submit your AMCAS.  After you submit you enter a waiting period for verification. During the verification process AMCAS compares your official transcripts to what you have entered on your AMCAS application. AMCAS will also convert your grades to AMCAS grades and an AMCAS GPA to provide a standardized GPA to medical schools. Once this is completed, the application is considered processed and is delivered to the medical schools indicated on your application.  Letters of recommendation are delivered on a rolling basis. MCAT scores are automatically received and delivered to the indicated medical schools.

When do I need to submit my AMCAS application?

During peak periods from June to September, it will take approximately 6 weeks for AMCAS to process your application. The earliest you can submit is May 31st for the 2019 application. Regular medical admission deadlines range from October to December. 

 When am I ready to submit my AMCAS application?

1. Is my personal statement and my experiences section in its best and final form? Has it been revised, edited and revised again? Once you have submitted the essay and experiences they cannot be edited, added to or removed. These are a critical part of your application and you should feel confident that they are in their best and final form before you submit. Always make sure a second set of eyes has looked it over.  There is no word processing software within the AMCAS application so double check for spelling and formatting.  Our Ingenius prep team can make sure you are ready for submission. A sloppy early submission is worse than a polished later submission.

2.  Do I have all my official transcripts?  Do I have all the final grades I want to include? If you have had a recent upward trend in your grades you may want to wait for your most recent grades to appear on your official transcripts so they are included in your submission.

3.  Is my information entered correctly? The most common reasons for a delayed application include failures to correctly list coursework as it appears on your official transcripts. If there are errors your application will be returned to you and this will end up ultimately delaying your early application and potentially missing deadlines.

4. What changes can I make later? You can only change certain things once you submit your AMCAS. Make sure you are aware of what AMCAS allows you to change once you hit submit. You should also be aware of what can be added to your submission later.  You can ADD up to 10 letters of recommendations and you can assign new letters to certain medical schools, but you cannot remove a letter previously assigned to a medical school. You can also add a new MCAT test date and score.

The bottom line - EARLIER IS BETTER. Most medical schools are rolling admissions. Keep in mind that some medical schools may start sending acceptance letters as early as October.  Once a medical school starts filling its class the admission committee will be more discriminatory with the available spots they have left to fill.  Late submission is a common mistake that may have a significant impact on your chances for admission to your top choice schools.

What's keeping you from submitting your AMCAS application?

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