Our 2020 UK University Results

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Our 2020 UK University Results

Congratulations to our wonderful students on their UK university results for 2019-2020! We are proud of their hard work and dedication towards their applications. Keep an eye out on this blog for up-to-date UK university results from our InGenius Prep students.

Ranking University Number of Acceptances
6 University of Durham 1
11 University of Warwick 1
13 University of Birmingham 1
16 University of Edinburgh 3
16 University of Bristol 2
25 King's College 1

Stories Behind Our UK University Results

Read on to find out more about how our hardworking students built their profiles and received acceptance letters from these top institutions.

Student T and Student C, The University of Edinburgh

Based in the Scottish capital, the University of Edinburgh has a long history; founded in 1582, it is the 6th oldest university in the English-speaking world. It has five main campuses spread around the city, including many buildings in the old town. Entrance to Edinburgh is competitive - the university receives the second most applications of anywhere in the UK, and is ranked 16th in the UK for the academic credentials of successful applicants. Edinburgh currently places in the top ten for 21 subject areas, including 1st place for Social Work, 3rd place for Asian Studies, 4th for Education, and 5th for Medicine.

We’re proud that Student T was able to bring out his academic prowess and intellectual curiosity in his application. We are also excited that Student C has been accepted to the University of Edinburgh for a four-year undergraduate MA in History and Art History! Congrats to both of them on their UK university results 2019-2020!

Student J, The University of Birmingham

We’re thrilled that Student J has been accepted to the University of Birmingham for a BSc Mathematics!

Based in the UK’s second-largest city, Birmingham offers one of the most diverse and dynamic study environments, with over 22,000 undergraduates and nearly 13,000 postgraduates. Ranked 13th overall, the university offers a wide range of majors, as well as playing a central role in the city’s cultural and business scene. Birmingham’s Mathematics department ranks 14th in the UK, placing 1st for student satisfaction among all the UK’s elite universities. 

Student J worked with his InGenius counsellors to build on his success in math competitions, turning this expertise into a popular STEM club to train the next generation of competition winners. Outside school, we arranged for Student J to pursue university-level research, supervised by a Georgia Tech professor, which led to a range of research papers. Student J’s passion for Mathematics came through clearly in his application and impressed the admissions committee. Congratulations to him!

Student E and Student T, The University of Bristol

Our successful UK university results continue with 2 acceptances to the University of Bristol. Bristol has long been a scientific and technological hub in the UK, playing a key role in many of the innovations that spurred on the industrial revolution two centuries ago. Ranked 16th overall, the modern-day university offers strong programs in mathematics, engineering, and applied sciences.

Student E has been accepted for BEng Aerospace Engineering, studying in Bristol’s prestigious Faculty of Engineering, which ranks second for Engineering in the UK. Founded with an endowment from the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1946, the Department of Aerospace Engineering maintains close connections with nearby aerospace companies such as Airbus, Rolls Royce, and BAE Systems. Following his impressive UK university results, we hope Student E can build on his research experience to follow in the footsteps of other legendary Bristol-based engineers!

Meanwhile, Student T will be among the second group of students studying at the university’s beautiful new School of Mathematics building, pursuing a BSc in Mathematics that includes the option of an integrated fourth year for an MSci degree. Great work by Student T and his UK Graduate Coach, who navigated him through the process of applying from a less well-known European high school curriculum. Congratulations to them both on their impressive UK university results!

Student H, The University of Durham

Congratulations to our student Student H, accepted to John Snow College at the University of Durham for a Liberal Arts BA!

Ranked 6th in the UK, Durham is the third-oldest university in England. It is also one of the only universities outside Oxford and Cambridge to have a collegiate structure, with each student applying directly to one of the 16 small colleges within the wider university - combining big university resources with the small, intimate classes of a liberal arts college.

Student H will study the innovative Liberal Arts course, allowing her to combine four subjects over three years, graduating with a double major combining Arts, Humanities, and Social Science subjects such as Classics, Philosophy, History, Education, Politics, Economics, Anthropology, English, and Business. This course looks for applicants who are highly intellectual, very self-motivated, and have creative cross-disciplinary skills. Student H’s work with her UK graduate coach at InGenius Prep allowed her to highlight her leadership in bringing together students for academic conferences, as well as her experience researching Greek and Chinese classical philosophy alongside a NYU professor.

As more UK university results come in, we will continue updating you on our offers. For individualized guidance on how you can get admitted to UK schools you have your eye on, sign up for a free consultation today. We’re ready to help you find the school that is right for you!

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