How to Write the University of Michigan Supplemental Essays 2021-2022

Padya Paramita

How to Write the University of Michigan Supplemental Essays 2021-2022

Frequently referred to as “the Harvard of the West,” The University of Michigan—Ann Arbor is known for being one of the most academically competitive schools in the Midwest, with an acceptance rate of 18.2% for the 2020-2021 cycle. Michigan is ranked as the #1 public research university and the #2 public school in the U.S., so it’s no wonder that over 83,000 students applied this year. In order to stand out among so many applicants, you must highlight why you’re a strong fit by taking advantage of the University of Michigan supplemental essays 2021-2022.

With such a high number of applications, being a lifelong U-M football fan won’t be enough to get you accepted. You’ll have to compete with thousands of top students. To help you navigate through the prompts for the University of Michigan supplemental essays 2021-2022, I’ve outlined the questions, gone deeper into how to write your response, and added some final tips that can help you succeed in the process.

Prompt 1

Everyone belongs to many different communities and/or groups defined by (among other things) shared geography, religion, ethnicity, income, cuisine, interest, race, ideology, or intellectual heritage. Choose one of the communities to which you belong, and describe that community and your place within it. (Required for all applicants; 300 word limit)

Michigan is interested in your involvement with communities that you’re a part o in high school. From the question, you can see that “community” isn’t limited to a club or organization. Your response to the first question among the University of Michigan supplemental essays 2021-2022 can reflect on food your family makes, or you can talk about your hometown. No matter what you write about, make sure you focus on your place within this community. It’s easy to spend all 300 words describing your community when the admissions officer really wants to hear about you! You don’t necessarily have to talk about your race or cultural background either. Your community could be your group of friends who are all passionate about baking! As long as you are able to position this community as impactful and important to you personally, it’s fair game for this essay. Admissions officers want to know how you will fit into their community and contribute to the school—so don’t take this prompt lightly!

Prompt 2

Describe the unique qualities that attract you to the specific undergraduate College or School (including preferred admission and dual degree programs) to which you are applying at the University of Michigan. How would that curriculum support your interests? (Required for all applicants; 550 word limit)

This is the longest of the supplemental essays and perhaps the most important. This is U-M’s version of the “why do you want to attend this school” essay. 

With approximately 275 majors and 14 undergraduate schools and colleges, the University of Michigan can be a great fit for many types of students. Make sure you’re researching the exact school within UMich that you hope to apply to. You might be interested in the College of Literature. Science, and the Arts (LSA), the largest college on campus in terms of majors and enrollment. Or, you have your eyes on the College of Engineering, which boasts an amazing program with 17 different specializations. There’s also the Ross School of Business, the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, and the School of Art and Design. 

Spend time looking through the different colleges and the majors within them. What kind of research opportunities do they provide? Who are some of the faculty? The more specific you can be about what aspects of the program interest you, the better. Regardless of your choice, your answer should focus on the specific resources within the college that you have chosen, your specific interests in the major you are applying for, alongside how the school will help you reach your future goals. Don’t forget to demonstrate why you in turn are going to be a strong fit for the college of your choice. 

Further Tips to Write the University of Michigan Supplemental Essays 2021-2022

  • If You Get an Early Start, You Can Apply Early Action - If you have time, why not start working on the University of Michigan supplemental essays 2021-2022 right now? Unlike Early Decision programs, Early Action does not bind you to UMich, so you are free to apply to other schools. Applying EA will allow you to receive your admissions decision sooner, which may relieve some application season stress
  • Remember to Connect Your Answers to Yourself: While it’s pretty easy to fill up a page with everything appealing about UMich, remember that the University of Michigan supplemental essays 2021-2022 are designed to get to know you. Your answer to the question does not have to be extremely deep or existential if such a theme has no relevance to you. You need to write two essays that will help make you memorable: avoid writing about cliché features that have a hundred other essays and brochures about them.



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