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Have Former MBA Admissions Officers Help You Get In.

John Former Director of MBA Program for Executives, Wharton (UPenn)
Former Director of Admissions, Stern (NYU)
Former Assistant Director of Admissions, GSB (Stanford)
Joanne Former Assistant Director of Admissions, Stanford Business School
MBA, Stanford
BA, Russian Civilization, Smith College
Mary Former Associate Director of Admissions, Columbia Business School
Former Director of Financial Aid, Columbia University
M.Ed., Higher Ed Administration, Columbia University
ABD, Teacher’s College, Columbia University
MS, Reading, Duquesne University
BA, English, University of Colorado Boulder

Getting the Admissions Office to
Like You Has Never Been Easier.

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anywhere & everywhere,
around the world

We do everything by video chat, phone and the internet. That means you never have to travel to get to us – we can help you whether you are abroad or just in your pajamas. Learn more about how it works

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& two-on-one

Dedicated, personalized, one-on-one and two-on-one assistance. Always only one click away. Through structured video chat and phone sessions, and continuous online essay editing and drafting, our admissions experts will walk you through every step of the process. Learn more about how it works

From You to You, MBA

We Will Bring You To Wherever You Want To Be
Through Our Impressive MBA Admissions Consulting

Gene - MBA

Meet you.

Getting into business school takes more than just a bright white smile and a good GMAT score.

start the journey
MBA student getting ready to apply.

From cubicle to corner office

Business schools want to see more than a great GMAT (or GRE) score. They want to envision your success in solving business-related matters.

Leadership, volunteer work, extracurriculars, and publications – our team of graduate coaches and former admissions officers will help you build your candidacy with confidence.

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Application Season

Learn how the admissions committee will perceive your application.

Our MBA Admissions experts will help you craft your entire Application Persona – from planning recommendations to writing your essays and preparing for your interviews.

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Applying to their favorite MBA program.
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Campus Visits and Interviews

Campus Visits and Interviews

Nail the interview!

Get ready for mock interviews with our former admissions officers or understand and prepare for the video interview. You will never feel better prepared.

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Decisions, decisions, decisions

We will help you make the right choice.

Whether weighing multiple options or being on the waitlist, there is a lot you can do to get the best results. We are here to help.

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You, MBA


Let’s make you reach your goal. Your personal team of admissions experts applied, got in, and made admissions decisions. There is no better team in the world to help turn your dreams into reality.

You, MBA.
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Everyone got in.

97% of our students last year got into one of their 2 top choice schools.

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To the best schools.

What starts with an ‘H’ and ends with an ‘avard’? There isn’t a top school in the US where our students are not represented.

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With Financial Aid.

Merit scholarships, need-based scholarships and everything in between. Over $300,000 in scholarships each year.

"So much of the advice I got elsewhere – from books, the internet, friends – was exactly wrong."

D.B. – Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth

I wouldn’t have had a chance of getting into business school if it weren’t for InGenius Prep. So much of the advice I got elsewhere – from books, the internet, friends – was exactly wrong. InGenius Prep kept me focused, on track and ultimately into my top choice school. Thanks, InGenius Prep!

"I almost didn't apply."

T.W. – Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania

My grades and test scores weren't competitive. Yet InGenius Prep really helped me shape the story of my business experience and goals into something that got me interviews and then admission at the best schools.

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When you work with InGenius Prep, you work with the people who designed and ran the admissions processes at the most competitive schools around. So, you won’t find a college admissions counseling team with the same experience as us.


Let us help you get into business school.

Application Final Review

Congratulations, you worked hard to complete your entire business school school application. Now, what if there was a way to have a Former Admissions Officer from your dream school look...

Business School Application Counseling

Successful applications are more than the sum of their parts. All of the components, including your personal statement, supplementary essays, resume, and addenda, need to speak together in one voice...

Business School Interview Prep

This is the up-close and personal part of the application process. As they say, “first impressions last”. The Interview Prep will prepare you to shine in those initial moments. The...

Business School Custom Package

Looking for something different? No problem – we can put together an hourly program that works just right for you. Start with just one hour and then take it from...

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