Counselor Staff Coordinator

Job Description: 

The Counselor Availability Manager will work directly with our Director of Undergraduate Services. This role encompasses several important jobs: 

  • Updating and maintaining the running list of counselor availability (we have ~200 counselors). 
  • Coordinating with our sales team to make counselor recommendations for individual students. 
  • Matching and assigning students to counselors. 
  • Possible additional Misc duties in some HR and Education team functions 

This is a role for someone with fantastic organizational skills, who enjoys problem solving, and who is not afraid of a challenge (for example, managing the availability of 200 people). 


  • Associate’s degree or higher 
  • Experience in higher education or higher education administration is preferred
  •  Person must be impeccably organized (you should be the kind of person who gets complaints from friends about their level of organization) 

InGenius Prep was founded in 2015 by law students at Harvard and Yale. In that time, the company has grown to a team of more than 150 full-time employees, 500 part-time employees, as well as offices in the U.S., Canada, China, Korea. 

Our primary focus is assisting students in applying to U.S. Colleges and Graduate schools. Our company is fast-paced and exciting. We operate as a team, and everyone is given opportunities to advance in the organization. 

Salary and Compensation: 

Approximately $35,000 – 45,000. Will vary depending on experience. 

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