Part-Time Former Admissions Officer - Art

Location: Remote


Job Description:

We are looking for Former Admissions Officers who will be part of our team to support students applying to graduate art programs. Former Admissions Officers direct the strategy of student applications and extracurricular profiles. The ideal candidate will approach the work with a student-centered educational philosophy.



  • Admissions experience at a top art program
  • Must have read applications and made acceptance decisions on applications
  • Must be a phenomenal writer
  • Must be extremely hard-working
  • Masters and/or PhD is optional, but a big bonus
  • Undergraduate or high school teaching experience is optional, but a big bonus


Job Responsibilities:

  • 1-on-1 counseling with students applying to graduate art programs to build their extra-curricular profiles and applications
    • Meet remotely with students
    • Share admissions content expertise to direct the strategy of students’ profiles
    • Provide feedback to foster students’ independent writing skills
    • Provide comprehensive support to students as they prepare their applications
    • Generate creative trajectories and projects for students’ extracurricular development
    • Collaborate with a team of up to three counselors to support each student’s progress

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