Student H Gets into Yale


Student H dreamed of going to Yale. His SAT scores were well below the Ivy League average, so getting accepted would be a long shot. However, by developing a unique application persona and memorable story, InGenius Prep helped Student H get accepted to his dream school—Yale!

Application Persona

The hard-working restaurant manager who impacts his community

High School Location






Areas of Interest

Political Science

Extracurricular Activities

  • Chef and Manager at family-owned restaurant
  • Basketball
  • Science Fair Team
  • Internship at City Hall
  • Student Council President
  • Model UN

The Challenges

  • Student H’s SAT score was 380 points lower than the average score of students admitted to Yale University.
  • Student H’s AP scores were subpar.

How Did InGenius Prep Help?

  • We paired Student H with a Former Admissions Officer from Yale Law School and a Graduate Coach from Yale University.
  • Early on, Student H’s counselors worked with him to develop his unique background story into a memorable application persona. He grew up working at his family’s restaurant every weekend and summer, starting at the age of twelve. While other students his age were at summer camps or participating in extracurricular activities, Student H was cooking, cleaning tables, taking orders, and manning the cash register. His application persona would show off his extraordinary work ethic.
  • Student H’s counselor encouraged him to think deeply about how his work experience made him who he is, what it taught him, and how it prepared him for the future at Yale and beyond. This self-reflection, paired with multiple rounds of edits, produced a well-articulated and compelling personal statement.
  • Student H’s counselor worked closely with him on tailoring his entire activities list toward Yale. They made sure that his resumé highlighted the fact that he grew up Connecticut and had a close relationship with the city of New Haven.
  • In his supplemental essay, Student H and his counselor worked to capture a deep connection between Student H, New Haven, and Yale. They weaved all of his interactions with the community into an essay with a clear goal: showing the admissions office that Student H would impact the Yale community, if accepted.
  • Though Student H’s test scores were very low, his resumé was comprehensive and his experiences were extensive. He participated meaningfully and deeply in so many activities that he could not fit them all in the Common Application’s allotted 10 spots. To show the admissions office just how involved he was, his counselor advised him to submit his official resumé, which was 3 pages long, in the additional information section.

“I can't thank you enough for all of your help and support. I got into Yale yesterday, and it's still kind of hard to believe. Thanks so so so so much. The euphoria still hasn't left my system, and the fact that I (somehow!) got in still hasn’t set in yet. Again, thank you so so so much. I wouldn't have been able to make it without your help. Proud to be a Bulldog :)”

Student H
Student H Yale, ‘19

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