Student S Gets Accepted to Penn’s M&T Program!

Student S - Penn M&T, Columbia, and more!

Student S was an Engineering applicant from New York who was interested in applying to top-ranked universities.

Application Persona

The future biomedical engineer with a big personality.

High School Location






Areas of Interest

Biomedical Engineering

Extracurricular Activities

  • Biomedical Research
  • Clinical Trial Coordinator
  • Internship at Media Company
  • Captain of Mock Trial Team
  • Math Competitions
  • Volunteer Work
  • Founder and Co-Head of School Club

The Challenges

  • Student S wanted to get into the top schools in the United States.
  • Student S was impressive academically and extracurricularly. One of her biggest challenges was figuring out how to fit all of her accomplishments into one application. She struggled to know which qualities and experiences were most unique and how she should market herself to the admissions office.
  • Student S’s physics background was a bit weak in comparison to other students applying to Penn’s M&T Program.

How Did Ingenius Prep Help?

  • We paired Student S with a Former Admissions Officer from UPenn and Princeton and a Graduate Coach from Harvard Law School and Cornell.
  • Student S and her counselors had multiple video chat sessions in the beginning phase to get to know each other and to develop her application persona. They talked a lot about how multifaceted and complex her profile was, and how to balance her serious side with her fun, likable side. They discussed how far in depth to go on her work in the sciences, and where that should be emphasized and where it shouldn't.
  • Student S and her counselors decided to write one essay that focused on her work in the sciences and one essay that focused on a formative experience that exemplified her unique personality
  • Her counselors edited over 20 drafts of her personal statement.
  • Her counselors brainstormed and edited every single part of the application, even the short answer questions. They helped her figure out what she should write in each space on the application and why.
  • Student S and her counselors spent a particularly significant amount of time discussing the Penn M&T program and what should be included in the speciality essay for that program. Their video chat conversations and essay edits were about finding the balance between what she had already done and what she hoped to do, demonstrating her commitment to the dual fields, demonstrating awareness of what the program is about, and how she might use these qualities to achieve her own objectives.
  • Toward the end of the application process, her counselors met with her mother to discuss applying for financial aid. Over video chat, Student S’s counselors explained what need-blind means, how financial aid applications are processed, and then how to actually apply for it.
  • When Student S was nearly finished with her applications, her Former Admissions Officer performed a Final Review, reading them the exact same way she would have in the admissions office at Penn and Princeton.

“I'm beyond thrilled 🙂 Thank you so much for all of your help! Maybe I'll see you when I go down to Penn for Quaker Days!”

Student S
Student S University of Pennsylvania - Management & Technology Program

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