Student V Gets into Yale, REA!

Yale - Restrictive Early Action

Student V is an international student who wanted to attend top-ranked US universities. She started working with us during 11th grade, and completed our Candidacy Building, Academic Mentorship, and Application Counseling programs. Student V was accepted to Yale, Restrictive Early Action!

Application Persona

The creative communicator—bridging cultures through writing, music, and debate

High School Location






Areas of Interest


Extracurricular Activities

  • Co-Founder of Online Publishing Platform
  • President of Model UN
  • Co-Leader of A Capella Group
  • Researcher on Social Media in Politics
  • Translator
  • Student at Korean Language Academy

The Challenges

  • Student V wanted to attend schools with single-digit acceptance rates!
  • Student V had a strong interest and great leadership experience at school, but limited experience and impact outside of school.

How Did InGenius Prep Help?

Candidacy Building

  • Counselor Assignment + Introduction: We paired Student V with a Former Admissions Officer from Dartmouth and a Graduate Coach with a PhD from Yale.
  • Meeting Reports: Throughout the process, Student V’s counselors took detailed notes of every single meeting. After meetings, they sent out meeting reports that included notes from their conversation, assignments for Student V, assignments for her counselors, and deadlines. This helped Student V stay organized and on track.
  • Relationship-Building: The work started off by really getting to know each other and developing a strategy for the application process. Early on, Student V’s Former Admissions Officer identified gaps in her profile and areas for improvement.
    • Strengths + Weaknesses Form: Student V’s Former Admissions Officer identified her strengths and weaknesses, and shared these with Student V.
    • Addressing Weaknesses: Then, Student V’s Former Admissions Officer pinpointed a few ways for Student V to balance out her weaknesses. Later, they would dive into these ideas together and setup an action plan for moving forward.
  • Interest Exploration: Student V and her Former Admissions Officer had meaningful discussions about Student V’s interests, passions, and goals. To help Student V further explore her interests, Student V’s Former Admissions Officer sent her helpful articles and videos to read and watch between meetings.
  • Extracurricular and Academic Enhancement: Once Student V and her Former Admissions Officer established a strong relationship and developed the goals of their work together, Student V’s Former Admissions Officer gave her several ideas for developing her profile:
    • Online Courses: Student V’s Former Admissions Officer suggested that she take an online course in marketing to build out her academic profile. She sent her a list of course ideas.
    • Publishing: She suggested that Student V try to get published, and then sent her a spreadsheet with platforms that publish student work.
    • Journal + Blogging: For her upcoming travel, she advised Student V to keep a journal to document everything and then blog to share her experiences with others.
  • Academic Mentorship: Student V’s Former Admissions Officer also recommended our Academic Mentorship program to build on Student V’s academic interest in communications. Student V worked with an Assistant Professor in Communications from a U.S. university on a 1-on-1 mentorship. How did this help?
    1. Demonstrated Student V’s intellectual curiosity
    2. Further codified her academic interest in communications
    3. Proved Student V’s ability to study, research, and work at the collegiate level
    4. Gave her compelling material to write about in her applications
    5. Secured a letter of recommendation from a college professor

Application Counseling

  • Application Persona: By the time Student V was getting ready to start her applications, she and her counselors already had a strong idea of what her application persona would be. They had been noticing trends and themes in her profile, and had been building on them over the summer. Their initial brainstorms circled around communication. Their more focused conversations led to “the creative communicator who bridges cultures using writing, music, and debate.”
  • School List:
    • Student Questionnaire: We sent Student V a questionnaire that asked her lots of questions about what she wants in her college experience. This information would help us get started with the school research process.
    • Research Exercise: Then, Student V’s Graduate Coach assigned her a school research exercise. She sent Student V a list of very different schools, asked her to research them, and then be ready to discuss what she liked and didn’t like about the different schools. This helped Student V’s counselors get a better sense of what Student V wanted in a college.
    • Selection Criteria: To narrow the list of schools, Student V and her counselors listed the main criteria for what Student V wanted in a school.
    • Balanced School List: Student V’s Graduate Coach explained the importance of safety schools, though Student V was not particularly interested in safety schools. Her counselors suggested that she look at larger universities which may have lower overall rankings, but higher rankings in her area of interest.
    • ED/EA: Student V, her family, and counselors decided to apply to Yale, REA - her dream school!
  • Personal Statement:
    • Purpose: Student V’s Graduate Coach took a very educational approach to the counseling process. For each step of the application, she explained the purpose. So, for the personal statement, she started by teaching Student V about the goals of the personal statement.
    • Essay Prompts + Writing Exercises: To get started, Student V’s Graduate Coach sent her all of the Common App personal statement prompts. Then, she asked Student V to select 3 prompts and brainstorm 2-3 topics for each prompt, making a total of 6-9 possible topics. She instructed Student V on what kind of information to include in these topics.
    • Topic Brainstorm: Student V and her Graduate Coach brainstormed a lot! During these brainstorming sessions, Student V’s Graduate Coach pushed her to think creatively, make new connections, and self-reflect, all while taking very detailed notes.
    • Editing: Student V’s Graduate Coach edited over 10 drafts of her personal statement!
  • Supplemental Essays: We repeated the same process for Student V’s supplemental essays.
  • Activities List: Student V’s counselors advised her on what a successful activities list looks like and helped her draft the list. They ordered the activities strategically—with the most significant listed first—and edited several drafts. They also made sure that her activities list showcased their Candidacy Building and Academic Mentorship work!
  • Final Review: When her application was done, Student V sent it to her Former Admissions Officer, who was key to improving her profile throughout the Candidacy Building process and shaping her application during Application Counseling. She did a Final Review for content, tone, structure, grammar, spelling, uniqueness, and school fit. Then, Student V’s Graduate Coach helped her implement the final changes before pressing submit!

“Sending you a big THANK YOU! I am still in utter disbelief of my admission results! But seriously, I can't be more grateful of your support throughout the most stressful time of the year. I feel like it has been both a time of applications and personal growth for me.”

Student V
Student V Yale - Restrictive Early Action

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