Samantha Yujing Zhang

MS, Education, University of Pennsylvania

BA, Southwest University of Political Science & Law

Hi, I’m Sam! I’m currently based in New Haven, CT. I received my M.S. in Education from University of Pennsylvania, with a major in teaching English as a second language. I have more than 5 years of experience working with international students, as both a teacher and a counselor.

After graduate school, I taught ESL courses to international students and new immigrants in America, and focused on helping develop their English communication and writing skills. As an International Student Counselor at a private high school in Philadelphia, I advised all the international students there in areas of academic achievement, personal growth, and college preparation. I have also worked one on one with middle and high school students to apply for private U.S. high schools and colleges, guiding them through essay writing to interview prep. I am good at and enjoy discovering with my students their personal strengths during the application process. This is a very meaningful journey of self-reflection. I’m extremely passionate about teaching and coaching, and particularly love helping students to express and showcase themselves through their writing. I’m also an alumni interviewer at Penn. I’ve interviewed many undergraduate applicants with different backgrounds in the past three years. I am acquainted with the college interview process and requirements.

Outside of working with students, I love traveling, and exploring Asian restaurants in my area. I also love to try those extreme sports like bungee jumping and skydiving.