Shoshannah Feinberg

MS, Higher Education Administration and Policy, Northwestern University
BS, Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University

Hi there! I am a Former Admissions Officer with InGenius Prep, based in Chicago, Illinois. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Education and Social Policy with a concentration in Learning and Organizational Change and a minor in Psychology from Northwestern University and graduated magna cum laude, the top 8% of my class. After working in business for a few years, I went back to Northwestern to pursue my master's degree in Higher Education Administration and Policy, with the hopes of working with undergraduate students in a college or university setting. While pursuing my graduate degree, I read hundreds of applications in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Northwestern University, focusing on applications from the midwest region. I also worked to coordinate and execute admissions events for prospective students in the graduate division on Northwestern's downtown campus. After graduate school, I spent four years working at the University of Chicago designing and executing programs that focused on student development from freshman to senior year.

I have always been passionate about teaching, mentoring, and coaching students. Outside of tutoring, I have facilitated undergraduate leadership classes for freshmen, led undergraduate community service trips, mentored newly admitted international graduate students, and coached athletic teams for students with physical and mental disabilities. I have also worked on a variety of orientation and transitional programming for domestic and international students who are entering college, to help them adjust to life on campus. I have worked with a variety of student populations and enjoy tailoring my teaching tactics to each individual. I am confident that every student can succeed if given the right guidance, and I look forward to working with more students to help them achieve their dreams.

In my free time, I love to play beach volleyball, travel, read, cook, go to spin classes, and spend time outdoors. You can also find me practicing calligraphy, doing Pilates, and exploring restaurants in the city - Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine are my favorite!