Getting Into a Top Undergraduate Business School

“As Director of Admissions at the Haas Undergraduate Business Program at UC Berkeley, I witnessed much angst among students during the application process. The angst is justified: while there are many excellent business schools, there are many more students interested in pursuing the degree than available spots.” — Janet Amador

Getting into a top undergraduate business school program is not easy. It requires stellar test scores, a substantive resumé, business or entrepreneurial experience, and overall impressiveness.

So how do you accomplish all that?

Janet Amador, an InGenius Prep counselor and Former Director of Admissions at UC Berkeley Haas, explains what it takes in our guide.

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  • What you should be doing before you start applying, as early as freshman year of high school
  • How to plan your coursework, extracurricular activities, and school search
  • The different types of business schools
  • Ways to prepare for your school visits
  • How to craft a compelling application—essays, resumé, and letters of recommendation
  • And finally, how to decide where to go!

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