Law School Application Requirements for the Top 14

The top 14 law schools, also known as the T-14, are all highly competitive without a doubt. A big part of making sure you present the best version of yourself to admissions committees is, as simple as it sounds, to follow the instructions. If you don’t send every single requirement on each school’s checklist, you obviously can’t hear back for an interview or get accepted! While these requirements are similar, they aren’t identical for all schools. There are specific things you need to take note of so that you can complete your file successfully. To make sure you’ve got every component ready on time, it’s important to know what each school asks for in order to evaluate your application.

To help you plan ahead and figure out exactly what you need to prepare before you’re ready to hit the submit button on the LSAC, we’ve outlined the requirements in the following table. The information is arranged according to school, and was gathered from official school websites. It also details which tests the institutions accept, protocols for letters of recommendation, prompts for the personal statement and additional essays such as diversity statements, as well as resumé requirements as specified by the top 14 law schools.

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