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Our Former Admissions Officers

Donnella Former Admissions Committee Member, Harvard Medical School
Former Admissions Committee Member, Amherst College
MD/PhD, Harvard, Neurobiology
Board Certified Radiologist and Neuroradiologist
BA, Neuroscience, Amherst College

Mentoring students has been a long term passion for me. Having served for several years on the Harvard Medical School...

Milana Former Admissions Officer, UCSF
MD Student, UCSF
BS, Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology, UC Santa Cruz

I am currently pursuing an MD at my dream school, UC San Francisco. Teaching is a passion of mine; it’s...

Phillip Former Admissions Committee Member, Harvard Medical School
MD/MBA Student, Harvard
BA, Engineering & Biology, MIT

Hi! I am currently a joint MD/MBA candidate at Harvard Medical School and Business School, where I served as the...

Andrew Former Admissions Officer, Stanford University School of Medicine
Ed.M, Higher Education Administration, Abilene Christian University
BA, Philosophy & Religion Studies, University of North Texas

Greetings! I attended the University of North Texas where I earned a degree in Philosophy and Religion Studies and completed a...

Ariana Former Committee Member, Harvard Medical School Admissions Committee
MD Candidate, Harvard Medical School
Post-Bac, Johns Hopkins Premedical Program
BA, Political Science and French, UCLA

Hello! I am currently pursuing an MD at Harvard Medical School where I had the great privilege of serving on...

Cristina Former Associate Director of Admissions and Registrar, Yale School of Medicine Physician Associate Program
Ed.M., Counseling in Student Affairs, UCLA
BA, Mass Communications, UCB

I have over twelve years of admissions experience with competitive professional programs in the fields of pharmacy, law, and physician...

Shaun Former Admissions Officer, University of Michigan Medical School
Resident, Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program
MD, University of Michigan Medical School
BS, Biology, University of Michigan

I am a former Executive Board Member of the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), a former Admissions Executive Officer at...

Ginny Former Associate Director of Admissions, Ohio U. College of Medicine
Former Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, University of NC
Former Associate Director of Recruitment, Ohio U. College of Business
Former Admissions Counselor, The University of Iowa
Ed.M., Higher Education Administration, Ohio University
BA, Communication, Truman State University

I have over 15 years of experience in higher education at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional school levels. I have...

Adam Former Admissions Officer, Yale Medical School
MD Candidate, Yale University
AB, Neurobiology, Harvard University

I am currently an MD candidate at Yale School of Medicine and am actively engaged in epilepsy and consciousness research...

Rameez Former Admissions Committee Member and Interviewer, Harvard Medical School & MIT
Resident, Orthopaedics, Harvard
MD, Harvard & MIT
BA, Biochemical Science, Harvard

I am a former student interviewer for the Health Sciences and Technology (HST) Division of Harvard Medical School, a joint...

Emily Former Admissions Committee Member, Harvard Medical School
Resident, Pediatrics, UCSF
MD, Harvard
BA, Neuroscience, Yale

I graduated from Harvard Medical School, where I served on the Admissions Committee for two years. I am currently a pediatrics...

Our Graduate Coaches

John MD, Medicine , University of Pennsylvania (Perelman)
BA, Economics , Dartmouth College
Postbaccaulaureate, Medicine , Bryn Mawr College

I am in my second year at Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. For my undergraduate degree,...

Evan MD/PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins
ScB, Neuroscience, Brown

I am currently pursuing an MD at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a PhD in International Health...

Stefan Ph.D Candidate, Cognitive Psychology, Yale
BA, Cognitive Science and Japanese Studies, Dartmouth

I am a current Cognitive Psychology Ph.D. student at Yale University. My research combines psychophysical and neuroimaging techniques to explore...

Xinxin Graduate Coach
BS, Wake Forest University
Medical Student, UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine

I am a current medical student at UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine. I completed my BS in Chemistry (summa...

Azucena PhD Candidate, Department of Biological Science, MIT
MD Candidate, Harvard Medical School
BA, Neuroscience and Chemistry, Smith College

Hello! I am currently pursuing an MD PhD at Harvard Medical School and MIT and am in my second year...

Emmanuel MD Candidate, Yale School of Medicine
MBA Candidate, Yale School of Management
BA, Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University

Hello there! I am currently an MD/MBA candidate at Yale University with many years of experience in mentoring students both in the...

MD Candidate, Weill Cornell Medical College
BS, Biology, University of Illinois

I am currently a fourth-year medical student at Weill Cornell Medical College, taking a year off to pursue a research fellowship at...

Bella MD Candidate, Weill Cornell Medical College
BS, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester
BA, Psychology, University of Rochester

I am a current fourth-year medical student at Weill Cornell Medical College and am active in both research and global...

Jon MD Candidate, Weill Cornell Medical College
BS, Human Biology, Health & Society, Cornell University

I attended Cornell University where I studied Human Biology, Health & Society in the School of Human Ecology. After graduating...

Molly MD Candidate, Harvard Medical School
BA, History, Harvard University

I am a fourth-year medical student at Harvard with a strong passion for teaching and mentoring. I have served as...

Sana MD PhD Candidate, MIT-Harvard Medical School
BS, Chemistry and Physics, Harvard College

I am currently an MD/PhD student at Harvard Medical School and MIT and have served as a premedical tutor at Harvard College for four...

Adam MD Candidate, Biotechnology, Brown University
MS, Biomedical Engineering, Brown University
BA, Biology, Washington University in St. Louis

I am currently an MD student at Brown University. I completed my undergraduate studies in Biology at Washington University in...

MD, Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons
BA, Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University

Hi there! My story begins near Washington, DC where I was born and raised, but I’ve been moving up the...

MD, Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons
BA, Chemistry, Princeton University

I am currently pursuing a surgical residency in ENT/otolaryngology at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, as...

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