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MyGuru is a 1-1 & small group tutoring and test prep company founded by graduate students at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.  As of 2009, MyGuru’s founders had all been through the ACT, SAT, GMAT, and LSAT preparation process within the past 10 years, and each had experience providing private tutoring in one context or another.

As a group, they recognized a few key things about the tutoring landscape that they felt could be improved upon: There are many tutoring companies and web-sites for students to find individual tutors, but although there are many experienced, effective tutors, they can be hard to find in the sea of less qualified, basically average tutors. When a student seeks information from a tutoring company, the company does not usually pause to understand the student’s unique situation and provide objective information to inform their options – instead, they focus on selling the student on the value of their service(s) and approach. When it comes to standardized test prep, too many companies develop their own proprietary materials, invest in expensive physical office space, and encourage students to sign up for profitable test prep classes when for many students, customized 1-1 prep or even guided self-study is what would produce the best results, and any of the dozens of available test prep books would suffice