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Joseph Naeem

BA, Music, Dartmouth College

InGenius Prep

Hello! I’m a graduate of Dartmouth College, where I majored in Music, with extensive coursework in Philosophy and English. Out of college, I flew to the Marshall Islands where I taught 10th grade English. I produced the musical portion of Marshall Island High School’s West Side Story, which was a tremendous success. After returning stateside, I began tutoring and helping students improve at every stage of their development.

As a tutor, I have worked tirelessly with thousands of students to help them attain their academic and standardized testing goals. In my work as a graduate coach, I expertly guide my students through each stage of their application, from deciding where to apply to finally pressing that ‘Submit’ button. I’ve been most proud of my ability to connect with the students and work with them to devise a specific path forward that works for them. My favorite thing is to help a student construct an authentic, powerful, and totally unique personal statement. With a little thought, it’s possible to connect the various threads of a student’s life into a single narrative that encapsulates how they see the world and their place in it.

I’m a music, philosophy, history, and English nut. I’m a bassist (on the upright and the electric). And my favorite music group has to be either Charles Mingus or Radiohead. In my spare time, you’re likely to find me reading a biography of Teddy Roosevelt, watching a concert, or doing something else awesome.