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Mariel Prange

MBA, Columbia Business School
BA, Political Science, Tufts University

InGenius Prep

I am a Columbia University Business School and Tufts University, International Relations and Political Sciences alumna. I am fluent in German, Italian, Portuguese, and have lived and worked for large multinational organizations in several different countries.

I am often asked: ‘So?! Where are you from?!’ The answer to that question is probably what got me into the fantastic universities that have changed the course of my life!

Born in the US and raised in Brazil by German parents, I learned to understand diversity since I was very young. Understanding open mindedness and flexibility, learning from it and bringing it with me into academics and then into my professional life has given me an interesting and unique profile.

Through my work at InGenius Prep, it is a privilege to help others capture what makes them unique and fulfill their dreams.

During my free time I enjoy exploring Italy, where I now live with my family, horseback riding and scuba diving.