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Raylin Xu

BA Candidate, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard College

InGenius Prep

I am a senior at Harvard College pursuing a B.A. in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Science has provided me many opportunities to connect with other students passionate about studying the world around them and during the summer after my junior year, it brought me to a foreign country. I had the opportunity to conduct biomedical research in Germany, picked up some of the language, and met amazing friends along the way. Living and learning abroad taught me invaluable lessons in communication and cultural sensitivity.

In addition to my interests in science and travel, I am also interested in education and working with students. As a mentor and tutor, I have guided students as they prepared for standardized tests, school exams, and EMT licensing. I have also worked with younger students through the Ed Portal to develop computer science projects or prepare for science fair. In addition, I spend the rest of my time co-directing an organization called Chinatown Citizenship, which helps Chinese immigrants prepare for their US citizenship exam.

I look forward to furthering and spreading my education interests by supporting InGenius students as they move forward with the college application process, to develop their own passions and find the best-match schools.