lucky patcher ios Virgil Calejesan - Admissions Expert for College Application

Virgil Calejesan

Former Admissions Officer, Columbia University
Former Admissions Staff, Pratt Institute
Alumni Admissions Interviewer, Yale University
MA, Industrial Design, Pratt Institute
BA, English, Yale University

InGenius Prep

I am a former Admissions Officer and Assistant to the Dean of Admissions at Columbia University with additional experience in Yale College undergraduate admissions and graduate level admissions at Pratt Institute.

I have also held various roles in the hospitality industry and now, with a Masters in design, I collaborate on designing space suits and training clients on their use. In these various roles, my work has always emphasized teaching and engagement, and above all, creating an experience tailored to each individual’s unique background, goals, and communication style.

In my, admittedly, limited spare time, I am an unabashed space geek, given to diatribes on the many wonders and benefits of space travel. I also binge on science fiction cinema, read the occasional epic poem, and savor the infinite variety of barbecue this fine country has to offer.