Our 2023 Early Admissions Results

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Our 2023 Early Admissions Results

Now that mid-December has arrived, it’s an exciting time of the year for college applicants nationwide. Since most candidates have heard back from their top choice schools, we wanted to congratulate all of our wonderful students who have received good news with the 2023 early admissions results! These individuals have worked tirelessly throughout their time in high school on their road to acceptance. We are incredibly proud of each of them! 

The table below lists the top universities and liberal arts colleges that have accepted our students. Take a look at how those applying ED and EA to the top national universities and top liberal arts colleges fared in their 2023 early admission results. And there’s even more good news to come in the future, so make sure to save this page to check updated numbers every week!

2023 Early Admissions Results for Top 50 National Universities

School Number of Acceptances
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 9
Harvard University 2
Stanford University 1
Yale University 5
University of Chicago 3
Johns Hopkins University 1
University of Pennsylvania 5
California Institute of Technology 1
Duke University 7
Northwestern University 4
Dartmouth College 2
Brown University 6
Rice University 5
Cornell University 10
Columbia University 2
University of Notre Dame 3
Emory University 3
New York University 10
Wake Forest University 1
Tufts University 1
Boston College 1
University of Rochester 1
University of Texas at Austin 2
Boston University 1
Case Western Reserve University 8
Georgia Institute of Technology 3
Northeastern University 4
Tulane University 2
Ohio State University 5
University of Georgia 3

2023 Early Admissions Results for Top Liberal Arts Colleges

School Number of Acceptances
Wellesley College 1
Smith College 1
Vassar College 1
Davidson College 1
Hamilton College 1
Barnard College 1
Colorado College 2
Union College 1

Here at InGenius Prep, we couldn’t be happier with the 2023 early admissions results. If you’re interested in individualized feedback for your own college applications, sign up for a free consultation today and take the next step on the road to getting into your dream school.

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