Our Mission is to become the first company to offer the highest quality admissions-related services globally, and at scale. As we work towards our Mission, we recognize that a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community is essential to achieving excellence and creating the next generation of young leaders.

InGenius Prep is committed to ensuring that every member of our community is celebrated, supported, and included. Our efforts aim to impact our students, counselors, alumni, staff, and families. 

To that end, we seek to engage the expertise of a diverse range of talented counselors and staff members from various backgrounds. We acknowledge the numerous facets of diversity and their intersections, including but not limited to: age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, national origin, language, citizenship, religion and/or spiritual, philosophical or ethical values, worldview, socioeconomic class, physical ability and/or attributes, behavioral and/or mental health and neuro-diversity, in both apparent and non apparent demonstration. It is the combination of these unique perspectives and experiences that help foster critical thinking, meaningful discussion, and growth in our student body and throughout the company. 

When creating our curricula, we challenge ourselves to further evaluate and refine our approach to ensure we are recognizing the important social issues of today and preparing our students to engage in a complex society. 

In keeping with this commitment, we emphatically repudiate any type of hate, discrimination, and racism. At InGenius Prep, we have the great privilege of running a fast-growing education company — a company which has assembled hundreds of remarkably talented individuals from myriad backgrounds, and which educates thousands of young minds. As such, we must lead by example and speak up in the face of injustices, prejudices, and intolerance. 

In support of these efforts, InGenius Prep is committed to:


  • Respecting the dignity and worth of all

  • Celebrating diversity in our community and beyond

  • Trusting each other to engage in challenging ideas and conversations

  • Sharing our unique stories and listening to others’

  • Instilling empathy for others

  • Bridging cultural and geographic boundaries across our global offices

  • Enrolling a diverse student body

  • Hiring a diverse counseling team and staff

  • Evaluating our systems, processes, and curriculum

  • Continuing to learn and grow

We are proud of our team and dedication to this important work. We also recognize that striving to be a diverse and inclusive community requires sustained commitment, continual learning, and ongoing work. This statement is a reflection of who we are at InGenius and the core values that drive us.