As an educational company, InGenius Prep holds its students to the highest standards of integrity, both in terms of academics and personal citizenship – values shared by leading universities, colleges, and high schools. We expect our students to uphold these values through abiding by our honor code and the principles outlined below. 

Alleged violations of the honor code may result in warnings to the student’s family or suspension or termination of InGenius Prep's services, pending a review from our Disciplinary Committee. 

All work produced by students shall be their own original work. Any form of plagiarism (whether  copying directly from another source or paraphrasing without proper citation), or any falsification of materials/information will not be tolerated.


Students will immediately notify their InGenius team about any potential issues that might affect their candidacy. Such issues include, but are not limited to, changes in grades or standardized test scores; disciplinary action of any kind taken against the student; changes in other school-related circumstances, etc.


Students pledge to treat their counseling team and all other InGenius Prep-affiliated instructors (academic mentors, writing program instructors,  soft skills instructors, etc.) with respect, treating them as they would a trusted teacher.


Students recognize that InGenius Prep is a diverse community, with counselors, instructors, and fellow students of different backgrounds, and pledge to help create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.