10 Journals Where You Can Get Published in High School


10 Journals Where You Can Get Published in High School

Do you have a great story to tell? Do you want to study creative writing in college? Are you itching to become the next Veronica Roth who was only 22 when her New York Times Bestseller Divergent appeared in print? Are you trying to get published in high school?

Getting published in high school is a great achievement to include on your college applications. It’s impressive, it’s concrete, and it’s unique. In many cases, you can also include the link to your published work on your Common App! How cool is that?

And the steps it takes to get published in high school actually aren't that hard. While you need to submit quality work, there are definitely journals out there that receive and publish high schoolers’ writing. Check out this list of excellent publications (some online and some in print) that will accept and publish good writing regardless of the writer’s age!

1. The Adroit Journal

Who will read and select your work at The Adroit Journal? Other young people like you! This magazine is run by high school students, college students, and emerging writers. Adroit publishes within “over 21” and “under 21” categories, so your writing will appear alongside great work by writers of any age. Adroit publishes fiction and poetry, and includes art and photography.

Online at: http://www.theadroitjournal.org/

2. Alexandria Quarterly

Check out the website for this beautiful collection of visual art and literature, which appears both online and in print. The Alexandria Quarterly celebrates diverse art and has been know to publish strong work, regardless of the writer’s age. The Alexandria Quarterly also gives the Emerging Artists and Writers Award annually to an artist or writer under the age of 17.

Online at: http://www.alexandriaquarterlymag.com/


Boston University’s well-respected journal appears in both print and online. AGNI submissions are not limited to high school writers, but the journal is known to accept and publish lots of work by new writers. Get published in high school at AGNI and you’ve taken an important step to becoming a writer in the real world!

Online at: http://www.bu.edu/agni/submit.html

4. Cicada

Not only does Cicada accept standard fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, it also publishes comics. The published artists range in age, but the journal is aimed at young (high school-aged) readers. This quirky, but professional journal also claims to be “inordinately fond” of jokes about vikings. If you get published in high school in this popular journal it's a success to celebrate!

Online at: http://www.cicadamag.com/about

5. The Claremont Review

This international magazine showcases writing in English from all over the world. And everyone published in the journal is between the ages of 13 and 19. Therefore, the Claremont Review gives young writers a great shot at a their first professional publishing experience. The journal also awards monetary prizes for their annual writing competition.

Online at: https://www.theclaremontreview.ca/

6. Ember

Ember: a journal of luminous things is published only twice a year, but this beautiful and dreamy journal of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction appeals to all age groups. Although it doesn’t exclusively publish young writers, submissions from writers and artists ages 10 to 18 are strongly encouraged.

Online at: http://emberjournal.org/

7. The Louisville Review

This national literary magazine is primarily a competitive journal for adult and established writers. However, its “Children’s Corner” accepts submissions from young writers in grades K-12. Although the title of this section of The Louisville Review might make it less appealing to serious high school writers, this high quality magazine is a place to try submitting. If accepted, you’ll have a professional publishing experience!

Online at: http://www.louisvillereview.org/

8. Polyphony Lit

This journal celebrated the work of high school students and maintains its mission to be a source of outstanding writer by, for, and selected by high school students. As their websites states, the staff and editors behind Polyphony H.S. believe that “when young writers put precise and powerful language to their lives it helps them better understand their value as human beings.” This mission is reflected in their dedication to young and emerging writers.

Online at: https://www.polyphonylit.org/

9. Teen Ink

This is one of the most popular and diverse writing spaces to get published in high school. The broad categories for publication reflect the diversity of writing that this lively online magazine celebrates. Some publication categories include: community service, travel and culture, the environment, health, reviews of TV shows and video games, and college essays, among the more traditional poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

Online at: http://www.teenink.com/

10. Young Adult Review Network

The Young Adult Review Network appears online and is aimed at Young Adult readers. Unlike other several other journals on this list, the Young Adult Review Network also publishes writing for young readers by established and famous writers. Therefore, as a new writer and a teenage writer included in this journal, you’ll be surrounded by the best company.

Link: http://yareview.net/


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