Leadership Experience: The Missing Piece in College Applications

Noel Kim

What does leadership really mean to schools and how can your student successfully prove these qualities in their college applications?

When it comes to leadership, top universities are not simply looking for students who hold impressive titles or positions. Instead, they seek individuals who have demonstrated genuine passion, initiative, and the ability to make a difference. Today, we had the privilege of speaking with Maya Gobert, our Director of Leadership and Innovation, who revealed strategies on the importance of framing leadership as the centerpiece of a college application. 

She revealed that admissions officers want to see evidence of leadership qualities through meaningful involvement and impact -- which can include taking the lead in organizing events or projects, initiating positive change within their school or community, or even serving as a mentor to their peers. It is not about the quantity of leadership experiences, but rather the quality and depth of the impact made.

Through this episode, you will learn what top universities are looking for in terms of leadership and understand how to effectively showcase leadership skills -- which in turn, would increase your student's chances of gaining admission to their dream school.

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In This Episode, We Cover:

  • Why leadership experience is the missing key in college admissions
  • What top universities are looking for in applicants in terms of "leadership"
  • How your high school student can differentiate themselves when applying to top-ranked schools using this unique leadership opportunity
  • ...and so much more!

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