How to Succeed with the NYU Supplemental Essay 2022-2023

Padya Paramita

How to Succeed with the NYU Supplemental Essay 2022-2023

You might always have wanted to attend the Tisch School of Arts as an aspiring dancer. Or, you might have become interested in the Stern School of Business recently when your commitment to entrepreneurism developed. Regardless of how long it has been one of your top choices, you’ve got your eyes on New York University. It will be important to express this interest to their admissions officers! Just saying you want to go to school in New York City isn’t specific enough. You must take advantage of the NYU supplemental essay 2022-2023 in a way that will help admissions officers understand why you’d be a perfect fit for one of their campuses and academic programs.

The overall acceptance rate at NYU is 12.2%, so you know the school is selective. Because NYU offers so many specialized programs, the demand for this school is high! Make you write a strong, specific response to the NYU supplemental essay 2022-2023 that reflects your contribution to your community. Read on to find out the best ways to approach the prompt alongside some additional tips to assure your success.

Prompt for the NYU Supplemental Essay 2022-2023

NYU was founded on the belief that a student’s identity should not dictate the ability for them to access higher education. That sense of opportunity for all students, of all backgrounds, remains a part of who we are today and a critical part of what makes us a world class university. Our community embraces diversity, in all its forms, as a cornerstone of the NYU experience.

We would like to better understand how your experiences would help us to shape and grow our diverse community. Please respond in 250 words or less.

This is a very open-ended prompt and is basically a shortened version of a personal statement. “Diversity” is a very broad term and can refer to a variety of parts of your identity and application—your family background, your culture, your hobbies, any story that makes you unique. 250 words isn’t a lot so carefully consider what you wish to convey to admissions officers that hasn’t been articulated anywhere else on your application. Remember that this isn’t a place to list your resumé. Instead, focus on a fact about you that can be exemplified using anecdotes and highlight how it would help you contribute to NYU’s community.

As you brainstorm, start thinking about all of the communities you interact with on a daily basis—school, student group, sports team, neighborhood organization, family, etc. From there, think about what—from any of these communities—you’ve had the most impact on and why. The list could go on, but may include things like helping your parents with your siblings, or stepping up as a leader to initiate a new community center in your neighborhood. From there, you want to think about how your skills can benefit others, specifically at New York University.  When approaching this essay, try to be as specific as possible. 250 words is a short essay, so make sure you get straight to the point and explain the unique contributions you would bring from your current life to NYU. 

Now that you’ve seen the new prompt for the NYU supplemental essay 2022-2023, it’s time to get to work. Don’t be afraid to really get into the details of what makes you a unique candidate and show the reader why you belong as a future Bobcat. Good luck!

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