Online Opportunities During Coronavirus: How to Build Your Profile

Padya Paramita

Online Opportunities During Coronavirus: How to Build Your Profile

We’re nearing the end of the first month of social distancing and hopefully you’re on track with your online classes. If you’re a prospective college applicant, it might be tempting to use all your free time and upcoming summer to watch Netflix. But, remember that colleges want to know why you’re a must-have candidate and whether you’ve spent your free time productively. You must bring a strong extracurricular profile that showcases what you’re passionate about and how you can uniquely contribute to campus.

Use our list of online opportunities during Coronavirus to continue strengthening your application so that admissions officers know that you’ve made the most out of your time despite the circumstances being less than ideal. In this blog, we have outlined resources that can help you get started on your search for remote opportunities, sites listing volunteer initiatives to support others during this crisis, and finally, we’ve added summer courses and online classes that you can enroll in to boost your file. 

Online Resources for Staying Involved

The following resources can help you find online opportunities during Coronavirus. From internships to volunteer opportunities, take a look at the following websites to see where your interests lie: 

  • — contains a virtual section for students seeking remote opportunities. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can narrow down your options based on industry, as the website contains selections such as “computer science,” “graphic design,” “writing,” and even a separate “high school” portion. You can further explore separate fields once you’re under the high school tab. lets you view location, job description, and qualifications required. If an opportunity catches your eye, you can upload your resumé and apply directly from the platform. 
  • Youth Serving America — Once you’ve made sure you’re safe and can maintain social distance, you can dedicate time to helping others who may be struggling. While effective for finding community outreach opportunities at any time, this organization also has a section on its website specifically for ways in which students can volunteer remotely during COVID-19. Some available choices include:
    • Help seniors or others who are isolated 
    • Provide access to meals for students who rely on school breakfasts and lunches
    • Raise money for relief organizations or local nonprofits
    • Donate blood
    • Foster or adopt shelter animals

Browse through the pages to see how you can help someone out. Look for options that resonate with your interests or would make sense based on your location and abilities. At a time like this, a little help could go a long way! 

  • National Science Foundation — If you’re a STEM candidate, you might be interested in seeking a remote research assistantship through the National Science Foundation. This particular opportunity is focused in biology, as the grant is funded by the Directorate for Biological Sciences. If you have your own project in mind — something that can be made possible with the resources at home — you can apply for a grant from one of the organizations listed on NSF’s website. A well-developed research project can definitely show initiative and strengthen your application.
  • Volunteer Match — This website features a filter that allows you to search for online opportunities. You can narrow down what you’re looking for, with the chance to choose from categories such as “Advocacy & Human Rights,” “Children & Youth,” and “Health & Medicine.” Volunteering in your area of interest supports the theme of your application and conveys to admissions officers that you are truly dedicated to a given field. Similar to YSA, Volunteer Match also has a specific page to assist with COVID-19. 

Online Courses and Summer Opportunities

College Classes for High School Students  

If you had summer plans that got disrupted or you weren’t sure what to do, you can still enroll in online courses. The following schools all have virtual classes for high school students during the summer:

Many of the courses are taught by professors from these universities, and they cover a wide range of topics such as anthropology, globalization, molecular biology, politics, business, ethics, and more. Even though it may not be possible to travel over the summer, you can still benefit from the resources offered by top colleges and advance your learning. 

Interest-Based Online Opportunities

Becker College OutReach 

Becker College, a school known for its Game Design major, has initiated weekly livestream programs on game design, interactive media, business, and e-sports. Led by professors from Becker’s School of Design & Technology, the classes will help students interested in these fields learn more about game art, programming, e-sports trends, and virtual job shadowing. If you’re a high school student who’s got your eyes on conceptualizing and designing video games, take advantage of this opportunity!


For students interested in writing and journalism, you can check out TheAngle. This website provides a "new type of high school newspaper" that acts as a platform for students all over the world to get their voices heard. Not only can you read about what young writers from across the globe have to say, you can submit your own article as well!

The Incandescent Review

If you're an aspiring writer or artist, check out The Incandescent Review. This youth-run literary magazine focuses on bringing together a global platform for teens and young adults to express their opinions and emotional response to world issues like global warming, mental health, COVID-19, and more in the form of poetry, prose, and visual artwork. They're dedicated to supporting young creators — you can check out their first issue here and submission guidelines here.

Nikon School Online

Nikon, a big name in the photography industry, is offering free classes all through the month of April. The lessons posted by the Nikon School Online cater to people at different levels. They cover all bases, from how to get started with a DSLR camera and fundamentals of photography, to how to create video content and photograph in certain weather conditions.

Fender Guitar Lessons

As an aspiring musician, you might be frustrated by the lack of open mics and opportunities for classes due to COVID-19. Fender, which is arguably the most famous brand of guitars, is offering free online lessons for the next three months. Taught by professional musicians, these courses are open to guitarists of all levels to hone their skills.

Milk Street Cooking School

Christopher Kimball, known for creating the PBS show America’s Test Kitchen, has announced that his Milk Street Cooking School will offer free lessons online throughout April. From mastering the use of herbs to making the perfect pasta, these lessons are ideal if you’re looking to sharpen your cooking abilities as you practice social distancing.

InGenius Prep's Academic Mentorships

For students interested in online opportunities during Coronavirus that allow you to understand and discuss different aspects of the pandemic, InGenius Prep is offering the following classes in the upcoming weeks through our Academic Mentorship Program:

  • The Role of Social Media during an International Crisis — The instructor for this online class is Colin Agur, an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota who has previously taught at Yale Law School. Students will cover timely topics such as real news vs. fake news, the mongering of fear online, and positive social trends, such as fundraising efforts. The course is set to take place starting the weekend of April 25th.
  • The Psychology of Learning —  Taught by Robert Clark, who is a Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences at the University of California School of Medicine, San Diego, this online class will begin in the weekend of May 2nd. The syllabus will examine the way in which human brains respond to diverse learning environments and strategies such as online learning, hands-on learning, and cramming for exams.

    The goal of these courses is to help students explore a topic in depth with a scholar alongside a TA, improve critical reading and analytical writing skills, and create a tangible project, portfolio, or research paper that they can highlight on their resumés. 

    InGenius Prep's Leadership Program

    • Online Leadership Program — The InGenius Prep Leadership Program is also a go for this summer. This experience will allow students to work directly with an expert to build their leadership skills. Over the course of the program, participants will have the chance to learn about different leadership styles and execute their own independent or group project in their area of interest.

    Now that you’re hopefully more settled into your virtual classes, take advantage of any free time you have to meaningfully contribute in your community and build your extracurricular profile. Even though you can’t be physically involved in activities, there are still plenty of online opportunities during Coronavirus that can suit you. Use these ideas to get started and see where you go from there! We hope you’ll find meaningful experiences that also impress admissions officers. Good luck!

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