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Your Medical School Essays: Show, Don't Tell

July 29, 2014

“Show, don’t tell” is frequently delivered advice for medical school personal statements and secondary essays. What exactly does that mean? This is a common problem in personal statements, and I’ve been struggling with how to better convey this idea to applicants. So, I will take that advice and “show” you, rather than “tell” you the difference.

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Thomas Kang Joins InGenius Prep as Co-Director of InGenius Korea

July 21, 2014

Thomas Kang, an expert in the private education sector in Korea, is the newest addition to our InGenius Prep team. Kang, a graduate of the University of Chicago, Stanford, and Harvard, thoroughly enjoys working with hard working and ambitious students seeking to attend college and graduate degree programs. With hopes of helping more students fulfill their academic hopes and potential, he has committed to become the new Co-Director of InGenius Korea.

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The MBA and the Military - Where Are All The Business School Applicants?

July 15, 2014

Were you at all surprised by the President’s recent choice to overhaul the VA System? Military officers know a lot about the needs of servicemembers and how the government operates and have been well trained in leadership and the value of team. However, when it comes to running a multi-billion dollar enterprise, they just can’t speak the language.

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MBA Rankings: Friend or Foe

July 14, 2014

More than likely when you started the process of looking into MBA programs, the vast array of business school rankings were a great source of information for many of you. And truth be told the rankings offer a good place to start your search and can help you potentially narrow down the schools to which you may apply. MBA rankings will come in every shape, size and color that you can imagine and the variety of information given within each ranking can be very helpful in one part of the application process.

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3 Scenarios While Waiting For Your MCAT Score

July 10, 2014

Submitting your AMCAS application as early as possible is highly recommended because many medical schools operate on rolling admissions. One reason an applicant might delay their AMCAS submission is because they are retaking their MCAT exam and want to know their score before committing to the current application cycle. For this current application cycle, a repeat MCAT exam should be taken by August to improve your chances of admission.

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InGenius Prep Launches Partnership with Tier One Tutors

July 4, 2014

We are excited to announce our partnership with Tier One Tutors, a Los Angeles-based in-home tutoring company. The partnership will give students access to both customized test preparation and admissions counseling.

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Getting Great Letters of Recommendation: What You Need to be Doing Right Now

June 26, 2014

In this article, we discuss why getting great letters of recommendation depends on how you perceive and interact with your professors. Specifically, the kinds of student behaviors that make professors eager to help students.

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Kevin Pho, MD Talks Med School Admissions and Social Media with InGenius Prep

June 25, 2014

Kevin Pho, MD is an internal medicine physician and co-author of Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians and Medical Practices. He is founder and editor of InGenius Prep: Can I hurt my medical school application chances by being involved in social media?

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The Road to Your MBA

June 24, 2014

It’s June and summer has arrived. Among the many things you may be thinking about this summer is whether you should apply to business school. Here are nine questions you should consider to decide if this year is the right time:

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It's Time To Submit Your AMCAS Application

June 15, 2014

Completing the AMCAS application is your first step to gain admission to medical school. The impact of a timely, correct, and well done AMCAS application cannot be underestimated. Our Ingenius Prep team can help you get it done well AND on time.

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