Regular Decision Notification Dates 2021

Padya Paramita

Regular Decision Notification Dates 2021

After almost three months of waiting, the nerves have started to kick in as you’ve geared up to hear back from your top choice colleges. You don’t want to forget to check your email and miss an important announcement, nor do you want an email from admissions offices to catch you off guard. Whether it’s going to be a yes, no, or even a position on the waitlist, it helps to know when the regular decision notification dates 2021 are for the class of 2025.

You’ve worked hard, submitted your applications, and been patient. Now that it’s almost March, the time has come. As the dates draw closer for top schools to start sending the decision emails or letters your way, it can help to know when to expect a note from the schools you’ve applied to in your inbox. Take a look at the tables below, which feature the regular decision notification dates 2021 for the top 50 national universities and liberal arts colleges.

Regular Decision Notification Dates 2020 for the Top 50 National Universities

School Name RD Notification Date 2021
Princeton University April 1
Harvard University April 6
Columbia University April 6
Massachusetts Institute of Technology March 14
University of Chicago Late March
Yale University April 6
Stanford University April 9
Duke University April 5
University of Pennsylvania April 6
Johns Hopkins University March 15
Northwestern University March 24
California Institute of Technology Mid-March
Dartmouth College April 6
Brown University April 6
Vanderbilt University April 1
Cornell University April 6
Rice University April 1
University of Notre Dame March 26
University of California—Los Angeles March 31
Washington University in St. Louis March 26
Emory University March 26
Georgetown University March 26
University of California—Berkeley March 25
University of Sourthern California March 30
Carnegie Mellon University March 26
University of Virginia March 26
Tufts University March 31
University of Michigan—Ann Arbor March 27
Wake Forest University March 24
New York University March 31
University of California—Santa Barbara March 15
University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill March 31
University of California—Irvine March 25
University of Rochester March 25
Brandeis University March 25
Georgia Institute of Technology March 15
University of Florida February 26
Boston College April 1
College of William and Mary March 30
University of California—Davis March 18
Boston University March 25
Case Western Reserve University March 27
Northeastern University April 1
Tulane University April 1
Pepperdine University April 1
University of Georgia Late March
University of Illinois—Urbana Champaign February 19
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute March 6
University of Texas—Austin March 1
University of Wisconsin—Madison March 31
Villanova University April 1

Regular Decision Notification Dates 2020 for the Top 50 Liberal Arts Colleges

School Name RD Notifications Date 2021
Williams College April 1
Amherst College Late March
Swarthmore College Mid-March
Pomona College April 1
Wellesley College March 20
Bowdoin College April 1
Claremont McKenna College April 1
United States Naval Academy April 15
Carleton College April 1
Hamilton College Late March
Middlebury College March 21
Washington and Lee University April 1
Grinnell College Late March
Vassar College Late March
Colby College April 1
Davidson College March 27
Haverford College Early April
Smith College Late March
United States Military Academy April 15
Colgate University Mid-March
Wesleyan University April 1
Barnard College Late March
Bates College March 15
University of Richmond April 1
Colorado College Mid-March
Harvey Mudd College March 18
Macalester University March 30
Bryn Mawr College Late March
Kenyon College Mid-March
Scripps College April 1
Soka University of America March 22
United States Air Force Academy April 15
Berea College Early April
Bucknell University April 1
Mount Holyoke College Mid-April
College of the Holy Cross Late March
Oberlin College April 1
Pitzer College April 1
Skidmore College Mid March
Lafayette College Late March
Occidental College April 1
Thomas Aquinas College Rolling Admissions
Franklyn & Marshall College April 1
Denison University Mid-March
Trinity University Mid-March
Union College Late March
DePauw University March 15
Dickinson University Late March
The University of South Early March
Whitman College April 1

Now that you know when to expect to hear back from schools where you’ve applied, tensions might already be rising. As the regular decision dates 2021 draw closer, take a deep breath and prepare for any outcome. You’ve worked hard and hopefully it’ll pay off. You could get into your dream school or you might even end up with multiple wonderful options to choose from and have to dig deeper to find where you belong. No matter what, remember that you made an informed decision and applied to places that you appreciate, so don’t stress out too much as the important days draw closer. You got this!

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