What Is Ivy Day? Everything You Need to Know

Rubin Caco

The coming of spring marks more than just the changing of the seasons. As high school students have finished their college applications and are wrapping up their final year of high school, the top universities are also wrapping up their admissions reviews and sending out decisions to their applicants. And for a particular group of college applicants, one day in March should stand out: March 28th, also known as Ivy Day. 

What is Ivy Day?

"Ivy Day" derives from the term "Ivy League," a subset of the eight elite Northeastern US universities: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale. These schools are considered some of the most prestigious in the United States, known for their competitive admissions processes, deep histories, and rigorous adherence to high academic standards. Ivy Day is when all eight of these schools release their admissions decisions simultaneously. 

This is a momentous occasion for students as it will mark whether or not they have been accepted into their school of choice. 

When is Ivy Day?

While the exact day and time can change, Ivy Day 2024 is expected to occur on March 28th at around 5 p.m. or 7 p.m. EST. 

The tradition of Ivy Day came about as something other than an official event or single proclamation. The day came about naturally over the decades and has since become an important day for students who've applied to Ivy League schools. So, while the exact day and time are subject to change, the expectation remains in late March for the Ivy League schools and many others besides. 

Why is Ivy Day Important?

For students who have applied for Ivy League schools through Regular Decision, this will be the day they are notified whether or not they have been accepted into their chosen school or schools. This information alone is monumental, as it can mark one of the most critical milestones in a student's academic career. And having the decision made simultaneously by multiple schools makes the day all the more remarkable. In addition to the schools releasing their choices, hundreds of thousands of students worldwide will check in to read those decisions—a shared experience for a large community of applicants, friends, and family. 

However, Ivy Day can also be important for students who have not applied to Ivy League schools. The top eight schools will not be the only ones releasing their decisions on Ivy Day. While most schools have their own dates and policies on releasing decisions, many adhere to similar timelines and expected release dates. Students who have applied through regular decisions can expect most schools to release their decisions around springtime: mid-March to early April. 

So, Ivy Day will be an essential milestone for students who applied to other schools to check in on their applications and see if their applied schools have released their decisions. 

For a comprehensive list of the top US Schools and top Liberal Arts Colleges, read InGenius Prep's Regular Decision Notification Dates 2024, where we update the decision dates for the top US schools. 

What Should You Do For Ivy Day? 

As the day draws near, keeping calm and managing your expectations is essential. While many students may have placed great importance on their applications, remember that acceptance or rejection at any particular school does not define a student's worth. When the day comes, log in to the online portals of the schools you've applied to; you can check your results there. 

Whether or not you get accepted into your top-choice schools, celebrate your achievements with your friends and family and express gratitude to those who aided you throughout your schooling. Many successful individuals have faced rejection and adversity throughout their journey. So, whatever happens, be ready for the road ahead and know that this decision alone will not define you. 

What To Do For The Path Ahead?

Whether gaining acceptance to their choice school or not, many students will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the process of college admission has come to a close. But that being said, the work is still ongoing. Even if students have gotten accepted into their reach schools, a lot can still be done to better their chances at success in college. 

And for students who are still planning to apply for college, there's a lot you can do as well to get a head start on your college career and increase your chances of acceptance at your dream school. To turn yourself into the ideal applicant for your dream college, InGenius Prep offers our Candidacy Building Program, tailor-made to help students achieve above and beyond for their academic careers. Don't wait until your final year to start considering your application. Our team of Former Admissions Officers is ready to help you craft your student persona and create a strong candidacy ahead of your college applications. Click here to schedule a free call with one of our counselors and learn more!

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