Why Hire InGenius Prep as Your Admissions Consultant? Advice for Med School Applicants


InGenius Prep is an admissions consulting company aimed at getting you into medical school. Here are some answers to the question "why hire an admissions consultant?" and specifically why you should hire InGenius Prep.

We all have blind spots.

Everyone has a certain perception of themselves, but often we have a less well-developed understanding of how we appear to others. Social psychology literature is littered with studies that suggest that self-assessment is a flawed art in some very systematic ways. Some people may underestimate themselves and some may overestimate themselves.

So why hire an admissions consultant? Because admissions consultants have the experience of having met thousands of candidates and are able to “see the big picture.” If you don’t know what the other applicants look like it is hard to know what makes you the most unique or best candidate. Admissions consultants can help you objectively assess your credentials and accomplishments and give you a valid assessment of where you stand. They can provide you with the introspection you need to understand your uniqueness and how to best position yourself to stand out and succeed.

You can get individualized attention.

You may already be working with your school’s pre-health advisor, which may lead you to wonder "why hire an admissions consultant?" The truth is, each advisor may be responsible for a multitude of students all of whom have their unique issues and concerns; some advisors have up to 50 students at a time. At InGenius Prep, we have a team of world-class consultants who work with only a handful students at a time. We can dedicate our attention only to you and make sure you don’t lose your voice in the process. We will not deliver generic advice or try to redirect you from your dreams. We will give you specific, detailed advice to help you get where you want to go. This is a partnership, we can’t do the work for you, but we will streamline the process and make you more efficient and polished.

We can provide a roadmap.

InGenius Prep consultants know what they are doing. They have “been there and done that.” They are graduate coaches who have successfully applied to the most selective schools. They are former admissions officers who have reviewed thousands of applications. The admissions process is long and complicated. The InGenius team can set you up with a timeline and walk you through the process step by step.

We will maximize your chances of success, while minimizing your anxiety. Don’t spend hours online, sorting through books trying to figure out the maze of application requirements. The sheer amount of information online is staggering and often inaccurate or outdated. Our admissions consultants have already done the legwork. Your time can be better spent getting the actual work done or participating in critical experiences to position yourself better for admission. We keep up to date on changes in the admission and testing process for you.

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