Your Medical School Application Timeline

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As you check off your pre-med requirements in college, you’re probably aware that the medical school application timeline has only just begun. And it doesn't get easier at any step of the way. The average medical school acceptance rate is only 7%, so you need to bring your A-game not only in terms of strong grades and MCAT scores, but through impressive applications and interviews. All of this cannot happen in one week, or even in a month. When thinking about the medical school application timeline, brace yourself for a long journey that requires hard work and determination. 

Before you apply, it’s important to understand what the next year will look like. You must carefully strategize when you are going to take the MCAT, submit your AMCAS application, send your secondaries, and how to navigate the interview process in hopes of receiving an acceptance. Take a deep breath and plan your road to medical school with plenty of time in hand. Use our infographic below to better understand the medical school application timeline and mark the important months in your calendar.

medical school application timeline

As you can see from the graphic, the medical school application timeline can span for over a year! Aim for the months shown by the green bars for each application component because it’s much safer to stay weeks ahead than fall behind the pack. Once you’ve made your school list, make sure that you take a look at the deadlines and requirements for specific programs on the AMCAS in order to stay on top of everything. 

You don’t want misunderstood logistics to be an obstacle between you and your dream of becoming a physician. Use our medical school application timeline to keep yourself on track and you’ll be in a good position to present yourself as an impressive candidate. Best of luck!

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