Student T Gets Accepted to Wharton School of UPenn, Early Decision!

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Student T is from Virginia and he started our Application Counseling program in the summer before 12th grade. Student T was admitted to The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania!

Application Persona

A future leader in business or public policy who is driven to change the world around him.

High School Location






Areas of Interest

Global Studies

Extracurricular Activities

  • Producer and Director of STEM Teaching Documentary
  • Founder and President of Careers in STEM Symposium
  • Founder and President of Science Club
  • Co-Founder and President of Writers' Club
  • Varsity Captain of Squash Team
  • Intern at Various Biomedical Research Organizations
  • Managing Editor and Writer for School Magazine and Newspaper
  • President and Concertmaster, School Orchestra
  • Volunteer Work in Nursing Home
  • Independent Research in Environmental Science

The Challenges

  • Student T attended a top public high school, which made it difficult to stand out among his peers.
  • Student T’s interest in business also put him in one of the most competitive applicant pools at any college, especially at Wharton, his dream school.
  • Student T had a lot of ideas for his essays, but struggled to write about them in a way that was personal and unique to him.

How Did InGenius Prep Help?

Application Counseling: 

    • Application Persona: The following persona guided Student T’s application: “A future leader in business or public policy who is driven to change the world around him.”
    • Personal Statement:
      • First Draft: Student T came to us with a personal statement draft that didn’t highlight his passion for business in a meaningful way.
      • Strategy/Editing: Student T’s counselors guided him to focus more on himself and his motivation for starting his own company. At first, Student T’s drafts included superfluous details that detracted from the impact of his writing. His counselors advised that he center the essay around his own story.
      • Final Personal Statement: Ultimately, Student T’s essay showcased his passion for business in a clear and personal way.
    • Supplemental Essays:
      • Challenges: Student T was applying ED to the Wharton School at UPenn, the top undergraduate business program in the country. However, he struggled to answer UPenn’s important “why this college” essay prompt in a way that was specific to the program.
      • Editing: Because UPenn was Student T’s dream school, some of his phrasing came off as cliché at first. His counselors helped him make the essays more genuine.
      • Final Supplemental Essays: Student T ultimately created supplemental essays that were both specific to himself and the University of Pennsylvania.
    • Final Review: After several rounds of feedback and edits, Student T's Former Admissions Officer provided a Final Review, a process in which FAOs review a student's application as if they were still in the admissions office. Once Student T applied the final feedback, he was ready to submit!

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