Daniela Alarcon

BA, Biological Sciences, Rice University
BA, Visual and Dramatic Arts, Rice University

I received my Bachelor's degree from Rice University where I pursued my interests in the sciences and fine arts, academically and outside the classroom, where I completed an Emergency Medical Technician course my freshman year and served as director of a student-run and student-founded art gallery.

Growing up splitting my time between Mexico and the United States, I've had first-hand experience and personal stake in the unique circumstances that a multi-cultural upbringing brings into the college admissions process and education in general. My sustained interest in the matter led me to volunteer as mentor to primarily underrepresented students throughout my high school and university experience. After graduation, I decided to go international in my efforts to help students get into their dream school and moved to China full-time.

In my free time, I love walking around the city to my inner soundtrack of You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates, look for hidden street art, and pretend those dogs at the pet store by my apartment will one day roam free on my made-up ranch on the south of France.