Tiantian Gao

BA, Tsinghua University
MA in Education, Stanford University

Tiantian got her BA from Tsinghua University and her MA in Education from Stanford University. Before joining InGenius, she was the Deputy General Manager of an elite education group and dedicated her time in setting up bilingual schools in both Beijing and Shanghai. She had also worked in Silicon Valley for over five years firstly as a bilingual college admissions counselor, and later an Edtech product manager, where she developed language learning online platforms and apps before going to Europe for an Erasmus Munduns program with a full scholarship. Tiantian enjoys working with students, sharing stories of traveling, studying, working and getting immersed in different places and cultures. She believes in effective counseling guidance - the main reason she joins InGenius, which not only helps students get into their dream colleges, but also helps them identify interests and reach full potentials.