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Writing Your Medical School Personal Statement: Tackling Writer's Block

May 30, 2014

We all know the moment: you are staring at the computer, not knowing where to start or where to go next—then suddenly you’ve got to go to the bathroom…again, or you just now realized that you’re actually hungry for a snack, or you could have possibly even left the oven on (even though you haven’t cooked for at least a week), but you better get up right now to check.

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A Change in Harvard’s Admission Process

May 29, 2014

Harvard’s newspaper, The Crimson, just announced that the SAT II is no longer required for admission to the prestigious university. Last week, Harvard’s Admissions and Financial Aid Office stated that they are making the change as part of a continuing effort to draw more low-income applicants. While taking these tests (and getting a perfect or nearly perfect score, I might add) is normally required, the change will allow students to save some money and apply without them.

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MBA Hiring Quickly On The Rise

May 26, 2014

According to the Corporate Recruiters Survey, Graduate Management Admissions Council’s annual survey of employers that recruit on business school campuses, the job market for 2014 MBA’s is greatly improving. In comparison to 2013 hiring results, the job outlook for the class of 2014 business school graduates is on the rise, as more and more companies worldwide are projected to hire recent MBAs. In fact, a shocking 80% of companies plan to hire MBA’s this year, as opposed to last year’s 73% and 2010’s 60%.

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Why Hire an Admissions Consultant? Advice for Med School Applicants

May 13, 2014

InGenius Prep is an admissions consulting company aimed at getting you into medical school. Here are some thoughts on why you might hire our admissions consultants.

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What Skills are Rewarded on the GMAT?

April 27, 2014

The GMAT test has a way of breaking down the confidence of otherwise hardworking and intelligent students. It just doesn’t behave like a normal test. Consider the disconnect between the average level of math completed by most MBA candidates and the math content tested on the GMAT. There is no math concept tested on the GMAT that is not also tested on the SAT and the ACT actually tests far more math content! So why do students who have usually taken a few semesters of calculus and advanced statistics have a hard time with an exam that limits its subject matter to high school math?

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The Jewish Approach to College and Graduate School Admissions

April 11, 2014

Check out InGenius Prep co-founder Noah’s recent interview about Jewish success in university admissions with Yeshiva University’s student newspaper, the YU Observer. Noah covers a range of topics about why Jews – especially Orthodox Jews – are disproportionately represented in the best colleges, law school, business school and medical schools in the country. He also discusses what challenges Jewish students face on the world’s best campuses.

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How to Think About Data Sufficiency

March 3, 2014

As a GMAT tutor, the most common concern I hear from new students is about data sufficiency questions. Many students, who have an otherwise fine grasp of the content tested on the quantitative section of the GMAT,

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The Importance of Inspiration in Academic Performance

February 12, 2014

Over the past 10-20 years, evidence has been mounting that one very commonly held belief is seriously flawed; that our success in academics, sports, and life is greatly influenced by the natural talents we are born with. Instead, while genetic gifts are certainly relevant, it is the underestimated yet simple concept of practice that does a better job of explaining talent, intelligence, and performance.

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Should I Retake the MCAT?

February 9, 2014

Should I retake the MCAT? This is a question a lot of folks wonder about. First, be aware that there is a very significant risk that your score will go down.

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How ESL Students Can Meet the Challenges of the GMAT

February 9, 2014


The GMAT is a struggle for most MBA applicants. The timing, adaptive format, lack of calculator and generally daunting writing style of math and verbal questions combine to create a stressful experience for undergraduates and working professionals in the United States who are its intended victims target audience. These features make the GMAT even more of a trial for ESL students.

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