Average MCAT Scores for the Top 10 Medical Schools

Grace Kennedy

Average MCAT Scores for the Top 10 Medical Schools

Every medical school wants to admit students who are prepared for the academic rigor of the next four years. A high undergraduate GPA and strong MCAT score show med schools that you can handle what’s ahead. But every school varies in what they consider a “strong” score. The top schools will have high average MCAT scores: for example, Harvard and Stanford have average scores of 518 and 519, respectively. A high MCAT score certainly does not guarantee an acceptance letter at the most competitive medical schools. But if you want a shot at admission, you first need to show that you are academically qualified.

This is all the more important for medical schools that have actual score cutoffs. If your MCAT score does not reach the school’s minimum, they will not read the rest of your application. Your MCAT score quite literally gets you in the door here. But again, pre-screening processes vary on a school-by-school basis. When putting your scores into perspective, you’ll reach a school’s test score threshold if you are at or slightly above the median score. To give you a sense of whether or not you are within reach of the top medical schools, here is a chart of their average MCAT scores, average GPA, and acceptance rate.


SchoolAverage MCAT ScoresAverage GPAAcceptance Rate
  John Hopkins5193.95.8%
  Washington University in St. Louis5213.858.8%
  University of Michigan5163.826.3%


Your MCAT score is important, but it isn’t everything! Remember that even matching the average MCAT scores of the top 10 medical schools does not guarantee an interview offer. Every component of your application matters! Building up good extracurricular activities is crucial to demonstrating your hands-on experience in medicine; your medical school personal statement shows who you really are. Landing within the average MCAT score will get your foot in the door. Your experiences, background, unique perspective, and motivations for becoming a doctor are what will help you close the door behind you!

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