How to Approach Top-Ranked Business School Application Essays

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Writing is not everyone’s favorite. Even those well-experienced writers still find themselves blank at times. However, business school application essays are one of the important requirements in an MBA application. It replaces the typical application letter most universities require students to submit, along with their academic credentials. 

The truth is you cannot escape writing. Your business school application essays sums up your academic and professional background, as well as personal. This essay will also present your goals and future plans, including your motivation and aspirations in pursuing an MBA. 

Writing your business school application essays should not pose a threat to your application, even if you think you are mediocre in writing. Try to follow these tips and you’ll be surprised of what you can write.

1. Do your basic research.

Gather useful information about the program you what to focus on. The internet contains a dearth of information about the strengths of different MBA schools. Take time to read. If there are any available webinars or events in your city, attend one to get more insights. 

2. Read question essays carefully and reflect on it.

Each MBA program has its own set of business school application essay questions applicants must answer. Read the essay questions carefully. Take note of the keywords in the questions, like long-/short-term goals, future plans, etc. Be sure to answer the questions as many applicants tend to forget to answer them. These business schools asked this question because they want to know more about you.

3. Create an outline based on the given question.

The outline serves as your frame in writing your business school application essays. It will help you be concise and tie up your entire essay together. Just remember, there should be a beginning, a middle, and an end.

4. Write sub-questions relating to the essay question. 

Ask yourself what your goals are, why you want to take MBA in this school, etc. If you are not into outlines, you can also write additional questions aside from the main essay question. Again, pay attention to the keywords to help you write your sub-questions.

5. Provide examples (factual) to prove your abilities or achievements.

If you say you have strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills, don’t end there. Follow it up with a relevant example, such as ‘I led our organization in raising funds so we could sponsor our very first alumni homecoming. I started by creating a sponsorship committee ...’ By providing examples, you demonstrate your ability to think rationally and communicate efficiently. 

6. Avoid too much flattery.

Do not write what you think these MBA schools want to read. They already know who they are. What they don’t know is who you are. Think out of the box. Tell them your story. 

7. Use the active voice and be concise.

The active voice emphasizes on the doer of the action. It gives a more powerful tone than a passive voice. Use ‘I headed our campaign...’ rather than ‘our campaign was headed by me’. Also, remember to write concisely. A 400-word essay is better than a 500-word essay that does not make sense. 

8. Edit and revise.

Write a draft first and ask someone to comment on your business school application essays. Consider the feedbacks to help you create better arguments or stronger and concrete statements. Spelling-check always helps. Ask someone to proof-read your work as normal word processors sometimes do not do good jobs in telling you of that dangling modifier.

9. When in doubt, ask for help.

It is always best to ask for help when you think are getting lost. Ask our admissions experts at InGenius Prep and we can help nail that essay for your business school application.

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